Bose SoundDock Portable Review

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Take your playlist with you wherever you go with one of Bose’s newer sound systems SoundDock Portable. Bose’s sound technology continues to rank at the top of the list among its competitors.

The signature sound developed by Bose delivers superior performance as to be expected by one of the industry’s leading brands in home audio. Compatible with iPhoneTM and any iPod featuring a click wheel, including all nano, mini, photo and video models. The Bose SoundDock Portable also features a rotating iPod docking station that spins shut when not in use to protect it during transit.

Bose SoundDock Portable

Easy Portability
The SoundDock is ready to go anywhere with a slim design, a built-in carry handle, and a rotating iPod docking station–not to mention a rechargeable battery.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
The Bose SoundDock Portable’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers hours of playing time between charges. You’ll get about three hours playback on maximum volume, or considerably longer at lower levels. You can recharge the battery with any wall outlet or use an optional spare battery for a little extra time (the unit batteries are easily user-swappable).

Bose Premium Audio
Bose’s proprietary acoustic design and powerful neodymium drivers provide more efficient and higher quality audio reproduction than many other battery-powered iPod speaker systems. In addition, Bose’s digital signal processing circuitry enables finer control over the sound for more consistent, lifelike music reproduction even at low volume levels.

Current owners of the Bose SoundDock Portable have praised the SoundDock for being a highly reliable and durable system with supreme functionality. Its impressive design also contributes to the SoundDock’s popularity. The plug and play format also simplifies its use without having to lug around cables and cords.


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