DØPESCALE: The flyest denouément is ready for takeoff!

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DØPESCALE is a brand new clothing company fresh out of Germany where all their clothing is strictly handmade. The most unique aspect of this new brand is the feature of becoming a “Scaler.” As a scaler you can contribute ideas to the DØPESCALE community and decide what you like and don’t like about the clothing. You can create your own individual style and present it for evaluation where your ideas can become reality.

In the coming weeks we plan to have an interview with the DØPESCALE CEO. Please submit any questions you may have for the CEO in the comment section below.

After the jump browse through some of the companies merchandise and watch the corresponding clip on how their shirts are created. Don’t forget to directly visit their website here. Do you have what it takes to become a scaler?


  1. nice brand!! checked them out and their apparel is awesome…
    maybe you could ask them why they decided to create their own clothing brand and what it is about their “scaler” community?

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