Made You Look, New Cigarette Warnings Approved

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By Brian Bowers
The FDA has received equal amounts of praise and criticism in response to the recent ad campaign of labels to educate consumers about the dangers of smoking. The sudden onslaught of ads and cigarette labels display graphics and warnings that have been described by some as “too much.”

The moving photographs are cleverly paired with emotional phrases that have evoked quite a response from the public. Things like “cigarettes cause cancer,” “smoking kills”and“tobacco smoke can harm your children” are placed with individuals of varying degrees of health as a result of smoking. One of the ads, showing a small infant inhaling a plume of smoke directly from the mother is quite moving and speaks to the dangers of second hand smoking.

Gauging the public receptions and opinions online seem to suggest that many feel the “shock and awe” campaign will provoke consumers to make more proactive decisions about their health. While one may have their own political and social stance on the issue of smoking, one thing that can’t be argued is how effective the ads are. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, they definitely send the message home. If you are interested in seeing the images, check out the following link here.

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