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By Brian Bowers
Ok, so a good place to start is to let you know that RED (this movie title) is an acronym. You have to go see the movie to get the meaning. Well, you don’t ‘have to’ really, it’s everywhere on Google. Either way, this movie is really worth seeing.  Weaving together a pretty bizarre romance into the main frame of the plot makes it a little interesting, so to speak. But it has high doses of action and drama that are sure to keep you interested.

RED is a film that chronicles the lives’ of a group of highly skilled, dangerous, retired former black-ops CIA agents. Frank Moses, the main character, is skillfully played by Bruce Willis. He starts the film off by fanning the embers of a blossoming romance with a phone agent in a Kansas City Pension office named Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker). You don’t get too far in the film before it becomes clear that Frank Moses, along with his retired colleagues and his new found love interest are in extreme danger–someone has placed hits on them.

Starring along side of Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker in this highly amusing film are Morgan Freeman (Joe Matheson), Hellen Mirren (Victoria), Mary Louise-Parker (Sarah Roses), John Malkovich (Marvin Briggs) and Karl Urban (William Cooper). The film showcases all actresses and actors in top form. Originally opening 3 days ago on October 15, 2010, it has grossed a little less than $22,000,000. In any case, if you like action, comedy or ‘action-comedy’ then by all means please go see this movie. It is sure to meet your expectations and have you laughing.

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