Restaurant Review: Central Texas BBQ

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Central Texas BBQ

By Brian Bowers
Everyone loves a good meal, right? Well today is your lucky day if you love GREAT BBQ because we have a treat for you. One place that is definitely worth checking out even if trekking out to Pearland is the only way to get there is Central Texas BBQ. Located at 4110 Broadway St. in Pearland, this family owned place of barbeque delight has been up and running since 1969. It is so popular that depending on the time of day that you get there, you might be lined-up nearly outside the door. But trust this fact—it is certainly worth the wait.

With a take-out menu, catering menu and banquet style menu, Central BBQ’s menu items consists of a vast array of options to make sure you go home full and happy. Whether it’s a variety of their specialty plates, or fresh, delicious BBQ by the pound you can always expect the best, just check out the reviews on b4-u-eat. One particularly delicious item is their baked potato and they have a range of options. If beef is not your thing, it can come topped with moist, tender and well-seasoned chicken breast if you’d like. And last but not least, they have bread pudding that is beyond words. Seriously, there isn’t much else to say about just how wonderful the bread pudding truly is.

Open from 10 A.M.- 9 P.M., you can go get a good lunch, or take home a hefty dinner for the family. Regardless of the time of day—satisfaction is certainly guaranteed…well, as long as you get there before the crowd!

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