Richard Misrach’s After Katrina

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By Brian Bowers
It’s fairly clear that the events of Katrina will not soon be forgotten. The images of public outcry, depravity and suffering will remain readily accessibly in our visual and cultural memory for generations to come. If you haven’t heard of the name Richard Misrach, it should definitely be one you will remember. At The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, a moving exhibition entitled After Katrina has been on display since August and will end on Sunday October 31, 2010 at Audrey Beck Building.

The compelling exhibition features messages and sentiments left in the aftermath of Katrina. Misrach successfully unveils the expressions of anger, pain, fear and loss hidden beneath the wreckage and horror. The work undoubtedly showcases the skillful eye of a seasoned visual artist able to bring to life the full extent of Katrina’s devastation through static images that are beyond moving.

If you want to take a look at some of his previous work you can take a look at this link here . If you’d like more information on the exhibition or to purchase tickets, try the MFAH website here or call (713) 639-7300.

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