It’s okay to admit that your creativity is stagnating — it honestly happens to the best of us. When you stay in one place too long or continuously think about the same ideas over and over, your mind gets stuck in a rut. Your thoughts loop over and over again; constantly thinking about the same things continuously to the point where it’s nearly impossible to come up with any new ideas.

Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery; after all, great artists always traveled and gained inspiration from their new environment to get those juices flowing again. Not all of us have the cash to spend on plane tickets or the bravery to face a broken heart in order to generate new experiences, though. If that’s the case, why not look to a tool you already have — your smartphone!

Smartphone apps that help boost creativity are out there, you just have to know where to look. Here are four you may want to try out next time you’re in a mental rut.

Infinite Design

Whether you’re a full blown artist or a weekend doodler, getting your ideas out on paper has always been said to be a good way to start up that creative engine. However, let’s remove the actual tangible setting and instead push it to a virtual one. Infinite Design is an easy art app that contains incredible tools that you’d usually find in a high-end graphics editing program. From 3D modeling to vectoring, accomplished artists can find that this app matches their skill level, but even fledgling artists can doodle to their heart’s content on an infinite canvas.

Creative Ideas

Sometimes we don’t want a tool — we just want inspiration. Creative Ideas is a very basic Android app that offers exactly what it says on the tin. The app contains thousands of DIY ideas, tips and tricks from the Creative Ideas community, and users also get to share their own ideas with others.


Mood music is sometimes what we truly need to get into our creative zone. For instance, trying to brainstorm an idea for your business? Maybe some classical music that stimulates the mind will help. Want to create a romantic painting for your significant other? A love song playlist is perfect for the occasion.

8tracks is a mixtape website that allows users to upload their own bought songs to playlists that fit a different theme, from ‘first love’ to ‘90s disco party.’ If you can think up a mood, 8tracks has a playlist for you.


Yes, this seems like a standard…but many don’t utilize Pinterest in the way that it truly should be. This social networking site is all about the free exchange of ideas. Simply perform a search related to the topic you want to investigate and you’ll quickly find tons of content that is related to what you’re looking for.

You don’t have to take DIY ideas directly from Pinterest, but instead use them to expand upon your own creativity. Copying what others do will only get you so far; experimenting on your own is what makes art and brainstorming truly creative.