The Internet is obsessed with lifehacks — and why shouldn’t we be? They’re simple tools, tips and tricks we all can use to make our complicated days even a little bit easier.

Lifehacks are especially important when it comes to the hectic days faced by entrepreneurs. If there’s an app out there that can make your life easier wouldn’t you want to know about it? We’ll do you one better — we’ll show you four!


Entrepreneurs are people who need to keep track of receipts. While the average person may not need to be such a stickler, entrepreneurs are self-employed. That means they have to worry about filing taxes very differently from the rest of the country.

Keeping track of financial information has never been easier than with Expensify. This hand app and site helps you to keep track of receipts and financial records from the site itself, the app or via pictures from your smartphone. It’s also useful for logging mileage, keeping track of deductible expenses and other financial information that is useful for recordkeeping.


If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s very likely you like to make and keep lists. From different numbers you need to call to establish contacts, to all the drawers you need to clean today, your life is filled with a series of to-do lists that never seem to end. They may also get unnecessarily jumbled if you aren’t organized.

Allow Evernote to do that organizing for you. Primarily a to-do list app, Evernote also offers you important features like file syncing, photo capturing and voice reminders. Just like their elephant mascot, you’ll never forget an important to-do list item again.


Do you have a million different accounts all over the Internet? Including multiple social media platforms (as well as business and personal accounts), email accounts and online stores you frequent, it’s quite possible you’re juggling a lot when it comes to remembering all of these passwords. Don’t make them all the same thing in an attempt to remember your password easily — that’s a great way to get hacked.

Instead, use Lastpass. This free password storage app is a password manager that actually protects your passwords while giving you easy access to them. This is a great app for those who want to maintain safe, hard-to-remember passwords while still retaining their sanity.


Finally, entrepreneurs have to stay in the know when it comes to news and industry knowledge. This is especially important if you want to market yourself as a thought leader — how will you lead your industry if you’re two days late to the news?

Instapaper is an Android app that keeps this in mind. It lets you easily skim through blogs and articles from across the Internet, all in one convenient place. Simply look through a particular topic and all of the recently archived content related to this topic is at your fingertips.

These are only four apps that entrepreneurs can use as lifehacks…do you have any suggestions?