In the words of Jackie DeShannon, “what the world needs now is love, sweet love.” Perhaps not love when it comes to an entrepreneurial context, but positivity is certainly something that isn’t frowned upon. Being positive in the workplace is something of a no-brainer — when you’re positive, you’re productive. When you’re positive, you’re more pleasant to others. Being positive simply feels good.

However, it’s not of much use to yourself or others if you’re the lone smiling daisy in a wilted garden. As an entrepreneur with power over your own business domain, you have the potential to make your workplace a much more positive place to be, and therefore a much more productive working environment.

Identify Potential Negative Neds and Nancys

Sometimes an optimist needs to identify the pessimists in the room in order to fully shine. When those who are negative are noted and lifted up, they too have the potential to become positive. A person’s personality is pretty much set in stone at the stage of the game, but negative behaviors and thought patterns can still be curbed.

Create a more positive working environment by attempting to constrain those who are contributing to a negative environment. Try to come up with more positive solutions they can use to contribute to a more productive workplace.

Be More Break Liberal

Despite studies showing that more frequent breaks help boost productivity, there’s a common mindset present in business environments that says not working is akin to a carnal sin. To not work is synonymous with being completely lazy and useless — but you have to show others that this isn’t the case.

Be more liberal with breaks you allow and always stress that of course employees should work hard, but working too hard and creating a negative mindset isn’t actually conducive to productivity. Give out more breaks and see morale skyrocket.

Find Better Communication Methods

Even in a small business of 10 employees, drama and conflict are always a possibility. It’s almost impossible for 10 people to work together for long periods of time without disagreements or personality clashes coming up. This is okay and completely human. What isn’t okay, however, is letting a conflict fester to drastic points.

Communication strategies for conflict should be in place for small and large businesses alike. Employees who know how to better communicate, both amongst themselves and with you, are employees who are more positive and productive.

Keep Workspaces Friendly and Neat

A cluttered desk often signifies a cluttered mind. A neat workspace signifies someone positive and who has everything together. Implement this kind of idea on a very large scale and consider cleanliness as something close to godliness in your place of business.

Go above and beyond, even. Find a scent most employees find agreeable and that isn’t allergy triggering and incorporate it into the office. Bring in bright art pieces or other comfortable furniture. The right atmosphere can say a lot about the productivity level of an office, and cubicles or ergonomic desks aren’t always the right choice.