Entrepreneurs and business owners are always looking for unique and sustainable ways to attract more clients and customers. There are plenty of ways to utilize social media and public appearances to garner a wider audience, but that only works for certain industries and products. What if you work solely with clients on a personalized one-to-one basis? Your goal here isn’t to appeal to the masses, but to look for specific clients and approach them with what you have to offer, or put yourself in a position where clients are willing to look for you.

Attracting clients this way is difficult but achievable using the right services. If you don’t have existing connections to big names and influencers in the industry, then you’ll likely need to rely on public services such as LinkedIn to help you. While LinkedIn seems like a more professional alternative to Facebook, it does offer some advantages when it comes to attracting new clients that the social media giant doesn’t have.


  1. LinkedIn Is for Professionals

As obvious as it may sound, LinkedIn is designed for professionals. This means that virtually everyone on LinkedIn is involved in some kind of industry, and this gives you peace of mind when it comes to dealing with clients and new people on the platform. However, this works in reverse as well and it means you have far more credibility being on LinkedIn than on Facebook or Instagram. Assuming you have a professional profile that is filled in correctly and checked for errors, you’ll appear more attractive to new potential clients.


  1. Moving From Online to Offline Partnerships

Since LinkedIn is built for professionals, the chances of meeting someone face-to-face on LinkedIn is much higher than Facebook or Twitter where anyone and everyone could make a profile and pretend to be someone. This means that LinkedIn is perfect for forging new contracts, business relationships and also meeting new clients. This gives it an air of professionalism as opposed to regular social media platforms.


  1. Sustainable Self-Promotion

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is designed in a way that allows you to self-promote yourself without appearing spammy. If you self-promote on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll largely be ignored because those platforms are known for being light-hearted and filled with jokes. On LinkedIn, people take what you say more seriously and you’re given more chances to show off your credentials, making it much easier to self-promote yourself.


  1. Messages Are More Convincing

If you received a message on Instagram or Twitter talking about a possible business deal, then you’ll probably ignore it or even report it to support. If you received an offer on Facebook, then you might be more tempted but you’ll still feel like it’s a shady proposal. On LinkedIn, almost everyone is verified and has credentials that can be trusted. This means that when you attract or reach out to clients, you’re more trustworthy, convincing and have a higher chance of developing new business deals and relationships.