I guess you could say today is the start of a journey. Not so much in the fact that I’m working to get from one physical location/destination to another but I guess more so in the sense that I’m venturing into territory that has called me for some time. That territory, that new venture you ask? Writing. Yep! Writing without reservation. Writing without worry about grammatical errors. Writing without the concern of judgment, ridicule, and possible humiliation. For whatever reason I’m doing this now, I feel it’s time. So today is the day that I introduce you to what I am calling The Starbucks Chronicles.

Aside from pictures of my workspace or the daily brew, I’ll be coming to you weekly. Not live and direct but through this website – this publishing platform in which I can put thoughts, words to this laptop and let my mind do what it will. Sometimes thoughtful and insightful. Sometimes it’ll be a bit wild and out of pocket. But, one thing I can guarantee is that it’ll be from me to you directly. So for those of you who are interested in what I’ll call for now this alternative form of entertainment or distraction, please feel free to tune in as often as you can as I embark on the chronicles. The Starbucks Chronicles. And who knows, we may even run into each other as you visit your neighborhood Starbucks.