Meeting up and sharing ideas is a part of life, but it’s certainly of extreme importance when you’re an entrepreneur. Creatives don’t work best when they’re alone 90% of the time — they need inspiration and ideas, soundboards to bounce off of and insight into how successful their ideas are.

Conventions are one of the best places for an entrepreneur to gather inspiration, simply because they contain hundreds (or even thousands) or like-minded individuals who, while sharing similar interests, all have different points of view and opinions.

You don’t have to have a display or booth at a convention to learn from those who are participating. If you’re an entrepreneur, make sure you attend all of these four conventions before you throw in the proverbial towel.

Collision Conference

Is your startup idea based in tech? Then you need to attend Collision Conference. Is your startup idea totally unrelated to tech? You need to attend Collision Conference.

Technology isn’t something that any business of any kind can escape from, and that’s why every entrepreneur should attend this weekend-long meetup focused on the growing world of technology. Entrepreneurs with businesses not focused on tech can learn about how business technology can help them within their own startup or professional sphere, while tech-focused entrepreneurs can learn about new trends in their industry and listen to incredible speakers in the tech field.

Amplify Live

Let’s shy away from industry-specific conferences for a second. No matter what industry your startup resides in, success is your end goal. Amplify Live is a conference focusing on success, as well as the best tools entrepreneurs can utilize in order to finally achieve that success they’ve been striving for.

This convention isn’t just about business success, either. If you’re someone looking for personal inspiration, or if you have an entrepreneurial dream but no ideas yet, this convention still has something to offer you.


Anyone who wants to know how to run a business, as well as bring that business to success, should attend ICON at least once. This convention focuses on business success just like Amplify Live, though the difference is the size and magnitude of this event. ICON is a massive business-focused convention that has been host to hundreds of incredible speakers and moguls, all speaking with the dedication to help other business owners find true success.

Next Gen Summit

Finally, let’s say you’re an entrepreneur that’s in their mid 20s. Are you tired of attending entrepreneurial meetups and being the youngest in the crowd, surrounded by the old guard who won’t take you seriously? Avoid the ageism and attend Next Gen Summit, a convention geared towards younger entrepreneurs.

That’s not to say older entrepreneurs can’t attend, though! If you’re getting long in the tooth, it’s never a bad idea to drop in on the younger generation to see where there heads are at. Still, this convention is certainly powered by the next generation of aspiring professionals, and they’re taking the world by storm bit by bit.

These are four out of the hundreds of conventions and conferences geared towards professionals and entrepreneurs every year. Which have you attended? Do you have any others to recommend?