10 Great Motivational Books You Need to Read this Year

Want a motivational read but don’t want to be intimidated by the “self-help” section in your local bookstore? Look no further than this list. Here’s a breakdown of the best motivational books published last year that you can feel good about adding to your 2016 reading list.

The Achievement Habit

Bernard Roth set out to prove to readers they’re capable of anything by telling them something simple and thoughtful – “your life has no meaning.” Through realism and insight, Roth explains how to change your perception of life to find the quality of living you want and how to achieve this through manipulating your mind piece by piece.

Are You Fully Charged?

This is a great book for those looking for purpose in life that extends beyond the supposedly tried and true pursuit of real happiness. Sometimes less emphasis is put on meaning in life than there should be, though Tom Rath would like to change that one copy of his book at a time.

A Curious Mind

Hollywood producer Brian Grazer knows that sometimes you need a spark of creativity that comes from outside of yourself in order to truly inspirer your inner creative mind. Thus, his and Charles Fishman’s book “A Curious Mind” discusses his hundreds of interviews with so-called “accomplished strangers” in order to jumpstart his own creative ideas and interests.


“Leap” is a book for those who already have the foundation put down in life, but they want something more than just the rat race to look forward to until they’re six feet unde. Here Tess Vigeland uses her own personal examples and anecdotes to help others figure out what actually satisfies them and how to get it.

The Business Romantic

Sick of your dead end job? Tim Leberecht isn’t, and he wants to prove to you that you don’t have to be either. His book “The Business Romantic” gives root to the idea that working for a living can be one of your life’s greatest sources of pleasure if only you thought about it a little differently.

Rejection Proof

Author Jia Jang explores the idea of rejection in this funny read that works as a sort of indepth insight to one woman’s exposure therapy based on being turned down. Jiang planned to get over her fear of rejection through attempting to get turned down as many times as possible, then blogging about her feelings on the experience. The result is light-hearted, insightful and comes with many everyday takeaways.

Rising Strong

If you’ve ever gone through a tumultuous time in life, this is the read for you. Instead of focusing on loss, heartache and hardship, “Rising Strong” is a book all about manifesting your strength and coming out of your struggles with a smile on your face.

Clay Water Brick

Not everyone is born with the tools and bank accounts to be an entrepreneur, and that’s important to remember next time you’re wondering why you weren’t blessed with Wall Street parents and the best resources available. In the book “Clay Water Brick,” Jessica Jackley showcases true stories of making a whole lot of something out of even more nothing.

Big Magic

Sometimes it can feel like that mystical sense of wonder is missing from your adult life, but it’s possible to instill that happiness back into your everyday again. “Big Magic” is a compilation of essays and anecdotal pieces that discuss ideas like happiness, overcoming obstacles and becoming creative even when you didn’t think you had it in you.

Calming the Chaos

Life isn’t about time – after all, time is a concept that hasn’t been around as long as the human consciousness. This book explores breaking out of the constraints of time and focusing more on energy management in order to better relieve stress and lead a happier life.

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