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Unlock Success: 7 Healthy Habits of Women Entrepreneurs

March 20, 2024

As a woman, starting your own business can feel like you’re venturing into unknown territory. The demands of business frequently clash with the importance of self-care, similar to navigating a boat while juggling professional responsibilities and personal well-being. This delicate balance is important for maintaining the healthy habits of women…

4 Sizzling Summer Reads That Will Elevate Your Freelance Game

August 6, 2018

Summer is the season when it feels as if anything is possible. The days are long, the heat shimmers from the pavements, and the worries of winter seem a long way away. It’s a time for self-improvement and elevating your career – but this is often easier said than done…

Discovering Your Spiritual Side and How to Nurture It

June 30, 2016

Spirituality and religion are often confused. While you can of course associate the two terms, spirituality is more a concept – it’s a state of being; an enlightenment that knows no bounds. Being a spiritual person means surrendering yourself to infinity and peace instead of stress and struggle. In this…

Think you could be a Digital Nomad?

June 1, 2016

Millennials everywhere are breaking all the rules, and in the coolest ways possible. Many of them are dismissing old school beliefs that lured previous generations to settling down, choosing long-term careers, and having children, all before they hit the ripe old age of 30. Even those that are starting families…