3 Organization Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs

Launching and running a business requires time and patience. It also requires a mind free of clutter and a solid game plan as to how your business will operate. Most entrepreneurs are aware of the pitfalls associated with being unorganized and unprepared. One of the most important things you can do to avoid these pitfalls is to lay a solid foundation for organizing team communication, customer service, and cash flow.

Over the past five years, there has been an explosion of organizational apps and tools to help busy entrepreneurs maximize their efficiency. Check out these three organization tools every entrepreneur needs.


Communication is essential with it comes to linking up with team members, especially if you’re remote or working virtually. Slack is one of the most popular business communication apps. It’s an awesome tool for teams who need to share work, send files, and or just check in via chat and voice. Check out Slack Frontier if you’re just getting your feet wet. It’s free and a great way to organize business communication.


If your business requires you to communicate with potential customers, Freshdesk is a great management tool for streamlining email inquiries, answering questions, and scheduling follow-ups. Sign up is free if you’re just getting started and looking to preserve cash flow. Freshdesk also has customer service solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses who are looking to scale up.


In order for your venture to be profitable, you have to know where the money is coming in and where it’s going out. Tracking expenses like memberships, subscriptions, and outsourcing freelancers should be tracked and managed. Not only will you need to stay on top of organizing invoices and receipts, also want to make sure your cash flow isn’t dwindling away. FreshBooks is the go-to solution for many individuals who are making their business finances a priority.  

Countless entrepreneurs, businesses, and freelancers can attest to the benefits of being prepared and organized. Preparedness leads to success and growth. Having the right tools to run your business will not only save time and money, but they will also give you the best opportunity to grow.

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