With its thriving cultural scene, Houston is being hotly touted as one of America’s future destinations for art. With over 60 art galleries and a large pool of painters, sculptors, photographers, and conceptual talents, there’s art to be found in every corner of Houston.

Here are three upcoming art events you should not miss in our beautiful city:


Muscle Panic objects

by Hazel Meyer

January 26 – March 10, 2018

Main Gallery

Admission is free


Muscle Panic objects is a site-specific installation by Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist Hazel Meyer. The exhibition is part of the artist’s ongoing, multifaceted project Muscle Panic, which explores the relationship between artistic and athletic practices. The exhibition features an immersive installation comprising of archival research, textile, sculpture, and performance conceived by the artist to recover the queer aesthetics, politics, and bodies often effaced within histories of sports and recreation.

Featured Artist:

Hazel Meyer is an interdisciplinary artist who works with installation, performance, and textiles to investigate the relationships between sport, sexuality, feminism, and material culture. Her work aims to recover the queer aesthetics, politics, and bodies often effaced within histories of sports and recreation. Drawing on archival research, she designs immersive installations that bring various troublemakers—lesbians-feminists, gender outlaws, leather-dykes—into the performative spaces of athletics.



Michelle Matthews: Sculpted

February 9–March 25, 2018

Sculpture Garden

Admission is free


Using traditional methods such as a hand formed clay coils and carving techniques, ceramic artist Michelle Matthews constructs intuitive forms that balance formal integrity and change. For this site-specific installation, Matthews will create a large-scale, interactive work comprised of nine clay-based sculptures that will be subject to the natural effects of Houston’s environment for the duration of the exhibition.

Featured Artist:

Michelle Matthews creates visual connections by utilizing historical processes to sculpt ceramic structures. Her work references such relics as the monolithic statues of Easter Island, the architectural blocks of the pyramids or ancient temples, and other historical artifacts. Creating these large-scale structures, Matthews feels a connection and responsibility to the preservation of history. Her material of choice is clay and she create sculptures using recycled or reclaimed clay that has been used by other potters, discarded, and thrown into a collective bin. This collected clay is reconditioned with organic materials, giving it a second chance at life.




Light Charmer: Neon and Plasma in Action

February 9— May 13, 2018

Main and Front Galleries

Admission is free


Light Charmer: Neon and Plasma in Action is a group show featuring artists who create a spectacle of light, color, and movement through neon and plasma sculpture and performance. Viewers will be enchanted by the variety of glowing artworks on display.

Featured Artists:

James Akers

Sarah Blood

Michael Flechtner

Eric Franklin

Mundy Hepburn

Kate Hush

Hannah Kirkpatrick

Lily Reeves

Aaron Ristau

Ashlin Williamson