When we think of cities like Buffalo NY or even the Big Apple, these are places in the winter months that we may want to get AWAY from, and flee like the plague. Why? there is so much to see and do during the Christmas season in New York, from decorations and parades on up to window shopping in some of the finest districts in America. We wanted to offer a few destinations that were still winter themed for you today, and one that is an absolute tropical getaway in the polar opposite sense when it comes to warmth. As long as the flights are on time and you have your bags packed and ready, a winter getaway can be just what the stress doctor ordered: things like skiing, bonding with the family by the fire at night, and preparing winter themed foods and desserts can be quite a fun time. We know that ice cream and key lime pie in the dead of summer may bring thoughts to your mind about being a bit more mobile, flip flop wearing, and care free, but try these winter destinations on for size and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Whistler Mountain
The mountain to ski or snowboard on here spans across more than 8,100 acres, and can sometimes see up to 40 feet of snow in a season. That’s quite a bit, and some of the American resorts just aren’t piling up that much powder anymore. The town sits about 75 miles north of Vancouver, and has many festivals, professional contests, and chances to catch many feet of powder laden air. If you happen to be a bit less active of a traveler, that’s not a problem: there are museums and art galleries here for you to explore, and the town has all the ski area charm that you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t let cold temperatures fool you, this is a place where you can have an absolute blast. The Canadian Dollar and US credit cards are accepted throughout much of the resort, and the dining here is excellent too. We hear the Rim Rock Cafe and Oyster Bar and Citta’s Bistro are two of the best places to get your culinary hankering revved up, or have a romantic night out for two.

Innsbruck, Austria
Many people have not enjoyed the awesome essence of Innsbruck for quite some time, because since the 1976 Winter Olympics were here, it has been pleasantly under the radar for a few. The Old World charm here is amazing, as the Austrian Alps tower over the city. This is not for the winter traveler that wants to always have their Ipad out and be indulged in technology the entire time, this is a place to explore a world that has been preserved to it’s fullest. From movies like The Polar Express and a few others that portray a truly childlike world of wonder full of clocks and pointed chimneys, we are drawn in wholeheartedly to locations just like this one. Here you can see places like the Ambras Castle, the Canisianum, Hofburg, Aslstadt Old Town, the Tyrolean State Theatre, and fantastic railroad museums. Once you get here, every hot cider and cocoa is going to have that much more meaning, as you are standing in an absolutely pristine place of snow studded romance and winter’s yule.

Bora Bora
Ok, this is the destination we wanted to list for those of you that just don’t want any part of snowglobes, skiing, roaring fireplaces and horse driven tours of wonderlands. But this is for those of you that are so sick of shoveling, snow days, and blustery wind that you cannot handle it anymore. The luxury resorts here are truly mind blowing, and many resorts here are where you very romantically dwell right above the blue water in huts, with first rate cuisine and sunny beaches to relax on. French Polynesia is a destination that will blow your mind, as the South Pacific has very warm waters, and much of the scenery remains the way it was decades and even centuries ago. If you cannot handle forecasts of the white stuff and the sounds of ice scrapers on windshields for another single day, Bora Bora is one place that will captivate you and never leave your memory, especially if you are sick of cold lozenges, Xmas credit card bills, and the like.