4 Fun Ways to Make a Living on Social Media

Many of us thoroughly enjoy the time that we spend on social media. What if you could spend that time enjoying socializing with people online, and make money at the same time? For those who make a living using their social media accounts, this is very much within the realm of possibility. Let’s look at several of the ways that people are making a living using social media:

Social Media Manager

Individuals who work as social media managers typically run the social media profiles for one or more brands or businesses. They set up the public facing posts, schedule them, and make sure that they’re appropriate for the target market. They often use scheduling software so that this work can be done well in advance, meaning that the actual work can be done on almost any schedule. With the importance a brand’s social media profiles take in modern marketing, these jobs are becoming more popular by the day.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is another fun way to make a living using social media accounts. This method allows individuals to earn money by promoting specific products on their own social media and then to earn a commission each time another person takes an action or makes a purchase. Many people manage to earn quite decent incomes using this method, often working through sites like Pinterest to promote their content. Some individuals have their own websites or blogs, others work directly from the social media site itself without their own site.

Social Media Groups

Another way that people make money using social media is by setting up social media groups and using them to both promote affiliate products and their own products. This option is quickly becoming a replacement for mailing lists and email marketing lists, as people enjoy the social interaction that the groups provide. The owner can position themselves as an expert in the niche market, while promoting the products and services that they are pleased with and that allow them to earn a solid affiliate commission. In this manner, marketers are able to earn a solid income using online groups.

Brand Ambassador

These positions are frequently taken up by bloggers and marketers who then take to social media to speak up for the brands that they represent. These paid positions are typically disclosed, but allow the individual to receive compensation for speaking about the products that they enjoy to their social media followers.

Those who enjoy working online and keeping their own schedule may find that earning an income on social media is a good way to do so. This type of gig allows them to use the platforms and programs that they are familiar with to earn an income from home and help support their family. In many situations, these positions can eventually evolve into full time income, and quite a decent one at that. If you enjoy social media, it simply makes good sense to take the skills that you’ve learned and use them to support your family.

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