Wouldn’t you like to live a more meaningful life? As an entrepreneur, you have high hopes that this is possible – hell, it’s probably part of what drove you to become an entrepreneur. The flexible hours, the ability to spend more time doing what you please…that all seems like a sure fire way to find a meaningful existence.

What you didn’t consider was the stress involved. Entrepreneurs trying to find their way in the world often discover that the job of a business owner or working person is one that’s never done, and there’s barely any time to blink, let alone find the meaning in life.

Thus, you must be pioneering and innovative – we’ll give you four simple ways you can find more meaning in life without diminishing your role as soon-to-be CEO.

Take Time to Assess Importance

Everything in your life falls into a hierarchy, whether we’d like to admit it or not. We’ve seen the dramatic TV shows and movies where the angry wife is screaming at her husband about how he “puts work above his family!”…and for some people, that is indeed how the hierarchy falls.

However, use this exercise to determine whether that’s the same for you. Without thinking too hard, rank the five most important things in your life in order. Then examine your list – would you change it? If so, take more time to establish the hierarchy you WANT, not the hierarchy you’ve created.

Integrate Your Passions

Most entrepreneurs set off on their journey in order to pursue their passions. While some entrepreneurs go where the money flows, most assess their skills and interests in order to find a way to make money based on them. However, some entrepreneurs find that blending work and passion can be a disappointing mixture. Their passions seem more like work than actual hobbies after a while, and that can be disheartening.

It’s essential that you reignite these passions again and find new ways to invigorate your interest in them. These interests help you perform better and make your job more bearable, so they’re essential to creating meaning within your life.

Don’t Let Goods Overtake People

Money and business can change people, there’s no use denying it. If you feel like this is the path you’re beginning to go down; where people are pushed to the wayside for more things and work, assess your situation. Much like establishing your own personal importance hierarchy, determine who is important in your life. Do the people around you deserve to be there based on support and nurturing? Are you treating these people the way they should be treated?

Don’t Forget to be Compassionate

Finally, spreading positivity is the best way to become positive. Entrepreneurs often focus all of their attention on themselves and their career goals, neglecting the world around them. Break out of this self-centered mold and find ways to impact others in a positive way.

Volunteer. Be kinder. Speak with your peers and employees about what you can do to better yourself and to add value to your relationship. When you’re compassionate, you find meaning where there was none before.