5 Book Recommendations to Encourage your Wellness Routine

5 book recommendations for wellness

Taking care of yourself is an ongoing journey. There are times when it can be challenging to stay motivated, especially if you’re not getting the results you want or you’ve been in a rut for a while. Reading books that inspire wellness can help keep you going on those tough days and give you the push you need to keep moving forward. In this blog post, we’ll share our top five book recommendations for keeping up with your wellness routine — which include The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk, Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t by Andrea Owen, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown and Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza!

1. The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

If you’re looking for a book that can help you understand how trauma affects your health, this is the one. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk explains how trauma can have an impact on your body and mind, helping patients to cope with both the symptoms of their trauma and any other challenges in their life. Through case studies of his patients, he also shows us that healing from trauma is possible—but it takes time, support from friends and family members, and often medication or therapy.

The Body Keeps the Score covers many different types of traumatic experiences: physical abuse; sexual abuse; emotional abuse; neglect; violence against others; war experiences (including exposure to combat); natural disasters such as earthquakes or fires; accidents like car crashes or explosions at work; medical errors such as surgery gone wrong. It’s also helpful if you’ve experienced more than one type of traumatic event over time (for example someone who survived an abusive childhood home but then had trouble forming relationships in adulthood).

2. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal or How to Get Away with Murder, you’ve met Shonda Rhimes.

Rhimes is a TV producer and writer who has helped shape the modern television landscape with her shows’ immense popularity. And while many people think they know all there is to know about Rhimes—she even wrote a New York Times bestseller called Year of Yes that details her journey towards self-care—that’s not entirely true.

In fact, if we’re being honest here, Rhimes isn’t just a successful writer turned producer; she’s also a pretty great person who wants others to do better for themselves by saying “yes” more often and learning how to take care of their mental health in meaningful ways (and not just by popping pills).

3. How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t by Andrea Owen

How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t is a book by Andrea Owen, who has created a wellness empire as an author and life coach for 20 years. The book focuses on how we can stop feeling like sh*t in all areas of our lives: physically, mentally and spiritually. It also covers how to be happy with the person that you are.

The book is packed with tons of useful tips and tricks on how to be successful in all areas of your life, whether it’s work or relationships or even self-care! There are exercises throughout the book that will help you focus your mind on what’s important for your long-term happiness too – not just short-term fixes.

4. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

The Gifts of Imperfection is a self-help book by Brené Brown, which describes how living with vulnerability and courage can help you become more connected to yourself. In this book, she encourages readers to embrace their imperfections and accept themselves for who they are.

The key takeaway from the book is that when we learn to be comfortable with our own flaws and shortcomings, our relationships improve because we stop trying to prove ourselves or gain approval from others. This also helps us feel less stressed out by life’s challenges because we don’t need other people to tell us what should work out in our lives—we already know in our hearts how things should turn out. The Gifts of Imperfection encourages readers not only to accept themselves but also others who may be struggling with similar issues as well as those who may appear strong on the outside but are weak inside due to their own personal struggles like low self-esteem or depression etcetera…

When you feel like your health routine has become too much work (or even if it hasn’t), this book will remind you why wellness matters so much – because without it there isn’t room for love!

5. Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza

The book is about the science of creating a healthy body, mind, spirit, and life. It’s also useful because Dr. Dispenza offers practical tips on how to apply this information in your daily life. For example, he cites a study showing that by simply making eye contact with someone for two minutes (even if you don’t say anything), you can increase their brain wave activity by up to 400%. This means that engaging in simple eye contact has the same effect as taking medication!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can all live healthier lives, I highly recommend Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon by Dr. Joe Dispenza​

Books can help keep you motivated in your wellness routine

Books are a great way to help you get motivated in your wellness routine and learn about new things. They can also help you learn about different cultures or even different topics like wellness.

So there you have it, our five favorite books that will help you stay motivated in your wellness routine. We hope these recommendations inspire you to find the right book for you and continue on your journey of self-care. Remember that reading is an active process where we take in information from text and make meaning out of it—which means it helps us get outside ourselves by connecting with others through sharing stories, ideas or knowledge. So go ahead and pick up one (or all!) of these titles today!

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