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It used to be that an entrepreneur was limited to being a man in his late 30s who had collected enough capital to finally get his dream business off the ground. Now entrepreneurs can be anyone — anyone of any race, religion, creed, gender or orientation can start and maintain a successful business.

Age also doesn’t define an entrepreneur anymore. Tons of successful business owners have been college aged or actually in college when they developed their incredible, money-making idea…will the next multi-million idea come from you, a fledgling entrepreneur in college right now?

Let’s not focus on high hopes at the moment, and instead how you’re going to get through college. It’s a tough time for many adults when it comes to adjusting. There are a lot of schedules and pieces of information to keep straight, and living away from home also complicates things. These DIY solutions may not be exactly entrepreneurial, but they will help you focus more on your goals and less on trying to survive as an independent adult.

Dorm Organization

A big mistake many make when it comes to organizing is buying and utilizing organization tools that you can’t see through. What does this mean? Imagine you have two tupperware boxes filled with miscellaneous objects. You’re told to locate your keys from within these boxes — however, they aren’t clear plastic and you only get to choose once.

Instead of a 50/50 shot at finding your keys, stick with clear items that actually show you what you’re looking for, as well as what you’re not. Don’t go with white stacking tubs just because they look better. Focus on staying organized and speedy when you’re constantly on the move. You can easily create makeshift storage containers for office supplies from mason jars, glass bowls, etc.

Keep Space Tight

Most college students make the mistake of over-buying supplies, furniture…something. The room they have to work with in their dorm room is about ½ the space they actually need to succeed. Here’s where you have to get creative.

Utilize as much wall space as possible and start creating ways to hang things. This can be easily accomplished with thumb tacks, wire hangers and a small box of hanging hooks you can find in almost any hardware store. Things like scissors, small notepads and buckets of supplies can be hung on the wall instead of cluttering up your space.

Your Own Planner

Don’t spend money on tons of organization tools that don’t work. Look for cheap, DIY alternatives to organizing your schedule.

For instance many students will try and buy expensive day planners that they believe will better their life. Why? It’s a trick — you can make your own planner for a fraction of the cost. Any notebook can be turned into a cute planner with the right amount of love and DIY smarts. If you’re a sucker for pens and cute stationary, search sites like AliExpress that sell pens, pencils, highlighters, and rolls of craft tape cheap. Buy a notebook and make your own planner in the span of an evening.

Reminder Notes

Finally, it can be easy to forget what all you have to do during the day. Once you head to your dorm and crack open your textbooks, how easy will it be for you to remember what pages you were supposed to read?

Use this trick as a cheap reminder tool — use index cards as bookmarks and quickly write down the assignment on one end of the index card held vertically. You’ll have four different vertical ends you can utilize per index card, which means you won’t go through them very quickly.

What DIY tips do you have to share? Are they focused on creating space or staying organized?