Everyone knows that Costa Rica has been a very popular tourist destination for decades now. Warm breezes, the ability for the traveler to escape to a higher altitude to cool down, and amazing vistas are the norm in this travelers’ paradise. Dominical is a destination that is not completely off the beaten path, but is not as overrun as some of the major places on the globe such as Waikiki and South Beach in Miami. Some of the best things about Dominical are its numerous coves, and the fact that everyone here is laid back, and pretty well accepting of those who come here to enjoy it.

Located in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica, this is a spot that is known for some of the most consistent waves in the nation, and has always been a haven for surfers. There are very strong riptides that exist on the strip of beach here: it is not a complete “beginner’s” haven such as calmer waters you can find all over the globe, but there are multiple beaches you can choose from here. Playa Dominicalito is just south of Dominical, and this is where beginners can thrive, with not as difficult a current, and mingle with the locals while enjoying the abundant rays from the sun.

On the beach at Punta Dominical, you can enjoy the very lush green land as it meets with the calm blue color of the sea. This is where the surf gets a little rougher, and you can meet those from all over the world that come to witness just how awesome it is here. In some places like Phuket and islands off of the Philippines, there are already tons of ravers bringing in parties that are being set up for lunar eclipse and other types of celebrations, and while this is an allure for all different types of tourism, can make the beaches pretty crowded. Here in Costa Rica, you can look at waterfalls, partake in awesome activities like horseback riding, and snorkel among the most colorful fish in the world while having a sensation that you are fairly secluded in your experience.

This is not a place that is like even the all-inclusive resorts of Cancun: it is still a bit unpaved, and there are deep potholes and some dusty elements to deal with. It is a location that appeals to the uncharted traveler in many, and the lush jungles and deliciously fresh fruit that grows randomly on trees in the area will wow many who come here. This is great for couples who are looking for a slice of paradise, or the solo traveler who is looking for a reflective moment after college or any other life change. Is there really that much happening night life here? Nope. An acoustic guitar, books, and wine with some good music and company are some of the components of what will help you enjoy Dominical: beware, because after seeing it just once, many make plans to pack up and call this their new home for good.