How to Get Out of Your Own Way & Reach your Goals

In an imaginary world full of magic and sorcery, we could get anything we wanted by pushing a magical button to bring forth a desire. But since no such world or magic button exists – at least to my current knowledge – we’re left to our own devices to create our lives through planning and action. Some of us know exactly what it is that we want and can focus long enough to reach a goal. Others have trouble reaching their goals because they haven’t been clear on what they want and are unable to focus.

Either way, there are several things you can do to make sure you accomplish whatever it is you set out to do. Stop hindering progress with self-doubt and self-defeating thoughts, you can do all things. But first, you must decide to get out of your own way, here’s how.

Be definite on what it is you want

Before you can forge ahead on your journey you must know where it is you’re going. At least have a general idea of the direction. You must be definite and that means knowing what you want in life. What experiences would you like to have? Where do you want to live? Do you have an idea of your dream home and career goals you’d like to pursue?

Answering questions like these will help you define the things you want. Take some time to meditate on these questions. Once you’ve thought about them for some time you will be able to see a clearer picture of exactly what it is you want to have an achieve.

Practice being consistent with action steps

When you’ve become clear on what it is you want you can then begin the practice of consistency. It’s important to maintain a constant focus on your plan because in doing so sets you up to be on purpose and following a consistent routine. Just as a basketball player spends hours on the basketball court developing his skills, you must also dedicate a sufficient amount of time practicing moving toward your goals. 

If spending 30 minutes or an hour a day working on your digital marketing or SEO strategy to build your brand, make sure you’re staying on schedule. Do let a day go by in which you miss your action steps. These action steps must be done in a consistent matter, it doesn’t matter if they’re done daily or on specific days but they must remain consistent. 

Stay focused on your vision

For many of us, staying focused is the main reason we encounter so many obstacles when working to realize your vision. Staying focused takes dedication. And beyond that it takes determination. How determined are you to see your vision through? Remaining focused is a mental game. It’s a game that will require you to consciously direct your attention towards your vision over and over again until it becomes embedded within you. Staying focused means holding yourself accountable and staying committed to the vision in front of you. To reach the finish line you have to make continual progress without distractions.

Reaching any goal can be obtained when you have a concise and intentional plan to help you get there. We don’t need or have to take the long route when working to bring your dreams to reality. Make a commitment to yourself to have a journey of fulfillment and purpose by deciding on exactly what it is that you want and staying fixed on the idea until you achieve success.

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