Think you could be a Digital Nomad?

Millennials everywhere are breaking all the rules, and in the coolest ways possible. Many of them are dismissing old school beliefs that lured previous generations to settling down, choosing long-term careers, and having children, all before they hit the ripe old age of 30. Even those that are starting families early are recognizing that they can literally do it any way they want. Among the game changers of the 21st Century are the digital nomads. These individuals vary in trade, keeping one thing in common – the ability to work remotely.

Freedom & Independence

Bouncing from one tourist visa to the next, they stay in one place no longer than 6 months, sometimes planting themselves and their laptops in a far-away cafe for only a few weeks. The passions that fuel nomads are the same ones that have fueled most creative types for generations; freedom of exploration, professional independence, and cheaper means of living.

Here are some things to consider when making the decision to pull up your roots and go mobile:

What do you do, and can you do it from anywhere? Keep in mind time zones, especially when communicating with clients. Those with few work restrictions can focus more on keeping track of travel schedules and expenses. Or long walks on the beach. You know, the important stuff.

Are you in the process of growing your business? The nomadic lifestyle is best suited for those who are comfortable with their business’ current state and wish to focus more on their quality of life.

Self-discipline is a must! How will you ever enjoy your new digs if you can’t tear yourself away from the laptop? Just because you can work all the time doesn’t mean you should.

Choosing Locations

You can go anywhere – within reason. Unlike a vacation, you will still have priorities. You will need reliable wi-fi and a place that doesn’t break your budget. Many nomads flock to places like Indonesia, Thailand, and India. Remember, travel expenses will now rise to the top of your expenditures. Dig around online for great resources on cheap locations.

Remember taxes? Those tricky things don’t simply disappear when you do. Check out what your options are and how you will deal with taxing your income. Knowing the legal stuff will only raise your confidence and ease your stress, saving you from panic-inducing thoughts in the middle of your scuba-diving lesson.

How about relationships? This is the tough one that seems to be the big deciding factor for many a could-be nomad. Though travel is appealing, the hard truth is that you won’t be sticking around long. Take a minute (an hour, a few days…this is important stuff, after all!) to evaluate what kind of person you are and if being alone, or leaving newly formed friendships, is something you could handle.

Sound hectic? It can be. But no more hectic than buying and maintaining a home, or raising children while working full-time. The lesson here is; when you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll be more apt to do it well, whatever (or wherever) it may be.

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