Discovering Your Spiritual Side and How to Nurture It

Spirituality and religion are often confused. While you can of course associate the two terms, spirituality is more a concept – it’s a state of being; an enlightenment that knows no bounds. Being a spiritual person means surrendering yourself to infinity and peace instead of stress and struggle.

In this case, spirituality is about living a more motivated, peaceful and fulfilled life through a spiritual plane. You don’t have to believe in any one higher power to be spiritual, but you do have to believe in both the existence of something greater and yourself. The great thing about living a spiritual existence is that it doesn’t discriminate – no matter what your walk of life, spirituality can work to make both your life and yourself wholly better.

But with this kind of change comes work. You can’t just throw everything down and announce that you are suddenly spiritually enlightened. It takes effort and changes. Spirituality needs to be nourished in order for it to truly grow within yourself.

First, know your intentions.

Why do you want to be more spiritual? Is it because you feel lost in life, or are you looking for a way to find a calm in your life’s storm? There are many reasons why one might turn to a more spiritual lifestyle, and there’s no one right answer. No matter why you want to be more spiritual in life, you still need to have a concrete reason.

The reason is that spirituality isn’t a catch-all answer to any problem, and it won’t make you a superhero either. While you might eliminate stress in life and renew your sense of clarity, looking to spirituality to completely overhaul your personality and skillset won’t get you what you really need.

Spirituality doesn’t do well with misplaced or false intentions. You have to both be genuine in your want to live spiritually and have a valiant or productive reason to want to change your life.

Start being more positive.

Spirituality and positivity are inherently linked. If you want to know and nourish your spiritual side, start being more positive. It’s not like there’s no room for negative feeling when you’re a spiritual person, but when you’re more at peace with yourself and the world around you, you’re less likely to be irritated, doubtful and stressed.

One way to start absorbing more positive energy and letting go of the outside stress of the world is to start doing more yoga. While it may seem cliché, yoga has been found to help reduce stress and promote overall health and wellness.

Seek spiritual guidance.

Whether your spiritual guide is a priest, a goddess or an Internet community, you should always have someone else to rely on during your spiritual journey. This person, or a place, should be your go-to for information and guidance while on your journey. It’s nearly impossible to be fully spiritually enlightened on your own, so look to someone else to show you the way.

This kind of relationship can help you grow spiritually and also introduce you to a community also going through what you are. Being together under one purpose is also a big component of spirituality that should also be nourished.

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