Freelancing provides a level of freedom that salaried or hourly employees will never match. In most cases, a laptop and some internet and you can work as easily from an apartment in Brooklyn as a bungalow in Bali. Not only that, but you can work in the way that’s best for you, including on vacation. You can do a little work, get a little sun, then knock out more work before bed, if you want. This flexibility allows you to spend more time in a place, while making sure that work still gets done. Here are a couple great vacation choices for a freelancer to get away to.


If there is a classic fantasy of a vacation, it’s white sand and blue water of a tropical island. Barbados is a particularly excellent choice for that tropical island. This spot can be very cheap for those paid in US dollars and going in the off season, missing some festivals, can save even more money. The weather is amazing, averaging about 80 degrees on most days and the beaches on the island are perfect. Bajan cuisine is affordable and accessible, not to mention delicious, and won’t destroy your budget. For those who enjoy rum, Barbados is known for the spirit and great examples are easily found.

Brooklyn, NYC

Speaking earlier of Brooklyn, this is a great urban vacation spot. Short term rentals and crowdsourced hotels abound, so finding a reasonably priced place to stay is easy. While Brooklyn itself has a ton to offer, including splendid views, lovely parks, museums and amazing food, you’re also just a couple minute from Manhattan. Manhattan, of course, is a world center of trade, business and culture and Brooklyn gives access to that with much less cost. Coffee shops, delis and bakeries exist on nearly every corner and finding a great spot to hang out and do some work, drink some coffee and crow-watch is easy. One tip, if you see a cat in a bodega, smile at it and don’t complain.

Portland, Maine

For a slightly different experience, Portland offers a very American vacation spot. In the prime season, this area isn’t incredibly affordable, but deals can usually be found if you look hard enough. Rocky coasts, cold seas and adorable fishing villages are the prime attractions, with lots of bed and breakfasts and small hotels providing plenty of lodging. This area is great for staying connected when you need to and disconnecting when you don’t. It may be cliché, but don’t skip the lobster rolls.


A little farther afield, Riga in Latvia is a gorgeous eastern European city that is very welcoming to the average freelancer. The beach in Jurmala is renowned and surrounded by quaint architecture. Jurmala offers more than just a beach, with the Jomas Street Promenade offering food, art and shopping. Walking the streets of Rigas or the trails around Jurmala, Latvia offers a unique experience for anyone and is great for those who need connectivity and the option for isolation.

As a freelancer, it simply makes sense to take the time to get away periodically. These travel destinations offer great ways to do so, so look into one today.