Why is this the 4th Hottest City in the Nation? Richmond Va’s Undeniable Charm

For home buyers and people that are looking to move to a new city, Richmond, VA has been placed high on many lists this year. There are so many amazing things to see within the culinary realm, and some of the area’s hotspots such as the Quirk Hotel have been named on too many best of lists to count. Here you get many who are moving to the area because of the abundant job opportunities, close proximity to the ocean and the mountains, and culture that infuses an old-school colonial vibe with a very modern tech market and real estate hub.

Many associate Virginia with grumbly govt workers hulking just outside of DC, mass traffic, and a general state of unhappiness. We can attest that this is not true! Richmond has some of the best you can find in eats, bike tours, scenery, and is one of the most creative areas of the nation right now. The James River is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the area, and this is a city that many who learn their chops in larger metros such as Philly and New York, and love to “Bring their skills home” to a more welcoming and smaller community. Locations such as Proper Pie Co. are now having lines all of the way out the door to sample their wares, and for good reason.

Places such as the Strawberry St Cafe, Dutch and Co., and providers such as Autumn Olive Farms are just a few things about what makes Richmond so great. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a place that attracts many visitors each year, and where you currently can see the “Expanding the Narrative” display about women artists and abstract expressionism. They were just selected for the 2016 certificate of excellence, and USA Today recently named them a “Top 20 Museum in the USA”. Other spots such as the Galaxy Diner offer up home cooking with the best twists you can imagine: chicken fried steaks, huge stacks of multi-flavored pancakes, and an atmosphere that can’t be beat.

Foo Dog Japanese Style Ramen, Metzger Bar and Butchery, and spots such as The Urban Tavern are all serving up what folks nationwide are raving about: cuisine that has big-city attitude, with mid-size metro attention to the customers’ palate. There are places popping up here every day to eat, and of course, the food cart craze has made its mark on the city in a perfect fashion. What is really attracting many to Richmond is its essence: it is a city about the size of Providence, with a perfect renaissance vibe. This could be the ultimate spot for anyone to get a new tattoo, be inspired for artwork of their own, or be stoked enough by ideas to begin their own business: Richmond is simply one place that no one will be able to get enough of during 2016.

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