3 Inspirational Reads for Prioritizing Self-Care


When was the last time you thought about taking a day for yourself? Nothing on your agenda but solitude or doing something special for you. If we’re honest, most of us rarely make an intentional effort to snag an hour or two.

Most of the time these moments of much-needed rest come about when we’ve become worn out, broke down and tired. When you’ve given it more than the initial 100% that it should take we’ve somehow managed to muster up more energy to push beyond our limits, which puts us at a deficient. By that time we’re slowly trudging along to before someone else notices that we need and should take a break.

Prioritizing time for you or making a self-care routine should not come at a time when things have gotten to the point where you’re being forced to take a break. If you think about it if you’re being forced to take a break how can you truly enjoy it? So, to avoid being burnout and run down making “me time” – which can be 15 minutes or days – the answer to your dilemma of not having time for yourself and to get you started we’ve listed a few inspirational reads that have helped us with our self-care journey.

  1. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Year of Yes is a great read that is not only inspirational but its motivational content also encourages stepping out of your routine and comfort zone. Offering a perfect outline on how to go about prioritizing the steps you need to take to create the life you want, Year of Yes highlights the importance of doing what needs to be done starting with putting yourself first. Self-care should be everyone’s priority. When you take care of you first you can then look to be there for others.
  2. Editor in Chic: How to Style and Be Your Most Empowered Self by Mikki Taylor is an insightful read that highlights the importance of not only looking good on the outside but also sheds light on how creating a self-care routine opens up a whole new level of confidence. Resting your mind, body and spirit allows you to tune into the person you truly are – both on the inside and style-wise. Editor in Chic is the perfect manual for starting fresh with developing a self-care routine that works for you.
  3. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis is not your typical self-help book targeting women, it’s loaded with powerful ideas to get you thinking outside of the box by telling you how to move past obstacles. By sharing her personal journey, Hollis gives valuable advice on how to tap into and utilize the power within us to access our full potential. And, in order to access that potential we need to get in the habit of taking time to really analyze our own ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

To wrap things up, start today with making a promise to yourself that you will intentionally carve out time to clear your mind of all the clutter and to reset not only mentally, but also physically. We all need and deserve to have personal time and space to recharge and reset so we can be at our best. Cheers!

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