Shifting your Mindset to Make your Desires Reality

I’m sure most of us have heard, read, and even seen information about the power of changing our innermost thoughts in order to see the changes we desire in the outer world. It sounds easy enough, however, in truth making a conscious effort to direct your thoughts or to focus on a specific thought or idea for a set length of time can be challenging for most.

Although shifting your thoughts has a countless list of benefits it’s getting started with this new practice that determines whether or not we will achieve the results we desire.

So, you may ask – what’s the best way or the most effective method for being able to train your thoughts to focus on the outcomes and desire you want? While there’s no definite way to make this work there are several methods by which you can use.

You can start by 1) being deliberate – make a list of things you want to achieve and let that serve as your focal point.

Also: 2) you can surround yourself with those environments that give you a sense of peace and joy. These are the type of settings that will encourage positive thinking thus helping to shift your mindset. Shifting your thoughts will attract exactly what it is you’re giving your attention to so it’s best to know what it is that you want before you practice this exercise. 

When you can shift your thoughts to be harmonious, peaceful and in line with those things that bring about happiness in your life you line yourself up with the direction of your desires. For those of us who pass on the opportunity of being deliberate in our thinking patterns, we leave our circumstances, experiences, and life to chance. It’s a bit like rolling the dice. Who wants a life of chance accepting and tolerating whatever is delivered to us? Would you agree that it would be more exciting and more in line with who we are as human beings to really focus and get behind what we desire in our lives?

Our minds are constantly connected to whatever it is we are allowing it to observe. We have the choice to saturate our minds with whatever it is we choose whether it be music, the content we read and watch on TV as well as how we react to the things we experience.  Knowing this, we can easily decide – make the conscious decision to focus on all the good the world has to offer. Doing less than that leaves us broken, empty and unfulfilled because we’re cutting ourselves short and we’re not going after what we truly desire in our hearts.

Take time each morning and throughout the day to focus on the things you want in life. Throughout the day, check-in with your thoughts and make adjustments where necessary. We all have times where we need a mental tune-up or to redirect our thoughts, we have to have sufficient fuel – positive thoughts – to keep the momentum flowing. And, when the fuel runs low it’s good to take notice and to recharge as necessary. Cultivating a practice of positivity and focus is the first step to experience the life you want.

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