3 Lessons on Faith and How it Pertain to Finding Life’s Purpose


The power of faith can easily go underestimated if we don’t understand how our beliefs can work for us or against us. Some of us may have a hard time believing in things that aren’t visible but the great thing about felt is this – the stronger your belief, the stronger the feeling. Faith is powerful in itself.

It provides you with a sense of confidence, trust, and certainty based on your dependence upon it. In this article, we’re not digging deeper into about what faith is or isn’t. I’ve come to learn that faith is different for each of us. Today, we’re discussing the lessons I gleaned on faith when I wanted to find out my purpose for being on this planet.

When I began my spiritual journey I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was interested in learning more and becoming more than what I was. I wanted to not necessarily be bigger than my place as far as doing the same things others were doing or trying to be that person of importance but I felt deep down within me a desire to live my purpose. The only issue was I didn’t have a clue what my purpose was. I just knew something was nudging me like a mouse nudges the corner of a piece of cheese or anything else it can get its claws on. 

So I went about my mission to figure out what my sole purpose was. It took me some time, maybe 3 or 4 months before I intentionally decided that I would seek out the calling on my life and I believe that this intention would lead me toward my life’s purpose. After I made this intent, I started looking for clues and ideas on what I was to do in this lifetime.

And for weeks I did gain more clarity and insight on the things that were important to me, however, it was still unclear if I had indeed found the purpose I was looking for – confusion set in along the way but I persisted. Weeks and weeks went by and the process continued. I was actively looking for what I thought was lost or hiding when all of a sudden during the early hours of meditation one morning I was alerted that my purpose had never eluded me. It had been there all along but I had not been paying any attention to is whatsoever.

My inner voice simply asked me to be silent. I complied. Next, I was pulled into the past as a colorful movie played in my mind taking me on a nostalgic trip of my youth highlighting all the wonderful and funs things I enjoyed doing as a child. The things that came easily to me, the things that I loved. Writing and reading, caring for animals and entertaining my family with my homemade plays.  This experience triggered me to think about my God-given talents and this ultimately led me to question how I could best put them to use. “Ah-ha!”

The lost identify that I thought was lost can now be reclaimed. But then I thought to myself, “what now?” How do I know if any of these talents pertain to my purpose and how do I use them? Then, I thought about how drawing upon faith can lead us to discover that which we need to know and to be that which we need to be. I made the intention to be led by faith so that I could purposefully be guided to work within my purpose.

Step by step, I was able to reclaim the purpose that had been built-in to me before I was born. I knew that it was my belief in the substance of faith that I would be guided to my higher calling. As I continue to think outside of myself and pull from the within, the ever-increasing power of faith has allowed me to do the things I never imaged I could. And, I wanted to share these 3 lessons I picked up along the journey. 

1. Faith is available to all. Everyone is equipped with a certain measure of faith. Some of us have more faith than others and some of us actively rely on our faith more than others. Wherever you stand in regards to faith always know that it is always available to you. All you have to do is draw upon it from where you are.

2. Faith is activated anytime we step into the unknown. You may not know it but anytime you step into the unknown (in which you have no clue about how it’s going to turn out), you’re activating your faith. You’re taking a chance and relying on your inner guidance to lead you step by step.

3. The smallest amounts of faith can go along way.  You don’t need a large amount of faith to get to where you want to go. The smallest amount is sufficient. If you will allow and make the intent to be guided by faith you can start building more of it.

To sum it up, through my own intentions and my belief that faith would guide me I was able to uncover the purpose of my life’s mission. This mission, my purpose was found within. Once I made the decision to work within my purpose I was led by faith to my natural talents and abilities. I figured out that it was my determination to step into the unknown and to purposefully go forward without all the answers that faith revealed itself unto me.

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