Have you ever experienced the nudge of wanting to venture into new territory? Maybe you’ve worked as an educator for the school district and those burning desires to create and share your water painting with the world has suddenly sprung up like an oil well from the 1940s. “What’s this all about?,” you ask yourself. But really it’s a question you’ve already answered and you know that your inner being is pushing you beyond the threshold of your capabilities.

While your stint as an elementary school teacher may have been fulfilling and rewarding at the same time, you know it’s time for a re-invention..or intervention. You feel those old talents and interest re-emerging. You know deep down you have incredible talents within that you’re wanting to express through creation. Don’t disregard those intuitive feelings and notions, they’re definitely meaningful. Although you’ve been successful, your current position has now become a bit routine and you need to do something about it. Now!

So what do you do when you have a desire to create but you’ve been going through the motions?

First thing is to recognize you’ve been going through the motions and then make an effort to stop it. Going through the motions eventually leads to a dead end where you’ll start the process over again. We’re not saying quit your job today, or even if it’s not your wish to do so.

What we’re saying is you should start expressing your creative side. Grab those watercolors and paint your vision. Just start. At the very least you’ll be creatively expressing yourself — even if your work doesn’t land in an art museum or on display at an art show.

Secondly, jump into exploring your creative talents without feeling the need to meet a certain goal or to obtain a level of success. Basically, just create for the sake of creating — nothing more, nothing less. It’s when we start assigning criteria such as goals that can take us back where we started — feeling bottled up because we haven’t allowed ourselves to flow freely. Create because you want to create and not out of obligation.

And last – know that at the end of the day you’re tapping into the child-like self you’ve forgotten about all these years. Just about everyone we know at some point or another have allowed themselves to get too serious about everything in life.

Yes, there’s a time and place for seriousness but when your seriousness level is set on autopilot and you forget to let your hair down and crack a smile everyone now and then well..that just highlights how much you’ve forgotten about those childlike qualities that were the very foundation of building the great person you are today. Enough already. Go Create..something!