3 Tips for Living Each Day with Purpose

Purpose. It’s the magic word, the keyword and the only word of importance when we think about our life’s mission when asking questions like: Why am I here? What is it that I’m supposed to do in this lifetime? And, if you’ve asked questions like these or similar it would be valuable to know that it’s likely you’re interested in learning how to live your life to its full potential.  Maybe right now you’re enjoying each day but you’d rather be doing something that you enjoy. You might have a great job, love your co-workers and have an awesome family life but deep down you know there’s something more to your life than just staying on the same that everyone else is on.

Most of us fail to recognize what our purpose is because we get sucked into the routine of daily life. And, if we don’t break that routine the cycle continues. But even if we’re unaware of our purpose and still trying to figure out what it is we can choose to live each day with meaning and intention until our purpose is revealed . Living a purposeful life is what we should all aspire to do.  When we take steps to do things in an intentional manner it gives us an outlet to control what we experience. How good would it feel to go about each day  with a sense of purpose – a sense of mission? Think about what it would mean if you could get off autopilot and rolling down a different path – one that gets you closer to your life’s purpose. Here are a few ideas on how to live each day with purpose.  

Find time to indulge in the thing or things you enjoy. We’re not talking about joining your friends at Happy Hour although that may be something you enjoy. We’re talking more on the lines of pursuing your own creative talents and skills. What’s something that you’re really good at and could do it without looking at a clock or checking for the finish line? Now, this is purposeful action. This will likely help you uncover what your life’s mission is – your purpose. 

Stop talking and listening to what others have to say about what you’re doing in your spare time – your creative time. This is a hard thing to do with you’re typically a person who shares every thought, achievement, action or problem with family and friends. It’s great to have alleys and people to push you forward but too much talking can disrupt the flow of our creative energy because we’re then pulled into the dialogue of what others think – their opinions, concerns, objections, etc., etc., and etc. This we can certainly do without when we’re working to hone in on our life’s purpose.

Stay thankful. Like the tip mentioned above, this one is also hard to do as we live in a society that is constantly on the move and looking for the next thing. Being thankful on purpose begins as a process. It has to be cultivated into a habit. Once we have developed the habit an automatic sense of gratefulness and thankfulness will start to unfold leading us to other things to be thankful for – and all things can be accomplished with a heart that’s full of thankfulness. You’ll easily be more aware and purposeful about your actions and what’s going on around you.

Each day is a day of new experiences. We can choose to go through the motions or we can make the decision to go about the day with a sense of purpose that ultimately gives us more control over how we experience the day.  

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