3 Ways to be Fueled by Inspiration each Day

What inspires you? Where do you find your inspiration – is it something you look for? Do you find it through an activity you enjoy, a person you could chat for hours with or hearing a song that motivates you? Inspiration is what fuels us into action. No matter the activity being showered with inspiration allows us to fully give our attention to whatever it is we’re focused on. It’s through inspiration our best work is created because we are intentionally putting forth a concentrated effort.

Staying inspired can become a challenge as we oversee our daily responsibilities like work, career or school obligations and spending time with our families as we’re constantly cycling through the routine. When this happens noticing what inspires you can go undetected because we’re busy shuffling about and unable to recognize the things that really interest you.  In addition to moving from one thing to the next, it’s hard from the inspirational nudges to catch your attention when the mind is cluttered with a hefty to-do list and no escape plan.

But even in the busiest of times, there is plenty of room to let the inspiration in and all you have to do is look for it. Instead of going through the motions be on purpose in your daily routine and take the time to notice the world around you. Inspiration is everywhere but you have to be open to receive it.  Be inspired by the world around you and let it fuel you each day.

1. Activating the senses. Being aware of your experience through the 5 senses is a great way to welcome in the inspiration that’s all around you. It may be that what you observe visually will inspire you to create a logo for your or new artwork for your company’s social media posts. You may have a great conversation for a friend and something inspires you from your chat with them. You never know where the inspiration will come from but if you’re open to receiving it’s likely to come for the most unexpected places through the senses.

2. Being still. Just as with meditation being still gets rid of the noise and distractions that often flood our lives on a daily basis. When we’re going through the motions it can be hard to capture moments of inspiration because your vision can easily be blurred by what’s going on around you. Being still doesn’t warrant you to do anything. Through stillness you can gain clarity and insight that leads you to the inspiration without having to struggle for it.

3. Doing something you enjoy. When we engage in activities we naturally enjoy we remove the invisible blockages that cloud our creative energy. These blockages cut off all outlets that would allow the inspiration to flow and once we engagement in thing that put us in the fun, creative zone the inspiration returns.

Each day offers a new opportunity to be inspired by our experiences, practicing the art of being still and doing things we love. When we make the intent to be fueled by inspiration there is no doubt that the things that get us moving will surge toward us with ease and purpose. Stay inspired.  

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