4 Outdoor Workout Strategies for this Summer that Don’t Involve Any Equipment

News flash: it’s a little too late to get started on your beach body. It’s not too late, however, to start focusing on your overall health and wellness. If you’re committed, you may be able to have some nice abs by the time the summer of 2018 rolls around.

As for right now, let’s instead focus on the present and getting started on your fitness journey — or maybe you’ve already started and want to know about some killer summer workout routines! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are three different exercise routines that you already know are totally free. Why? There’s no workout equipment needed.

Outdoor Wall Exercises

Want to tone your muscles while enjoying the scene outside BUT you still don’t want to suffer in the heat? Find a shady wall to stand behind and get to sitting. All you have to do is locate a wall that offers some shade, then stand next to it with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle.

You can utilize a wall for other stretches too. Lunge against the wall, use it for vertical pushups…it’s also not like you have to go very far to find one. There’s sure to be a shady wall at your house!

Nature Yoga

Yoga might not be the most aerobic exercise, but it’s still exercise nonetheless. Yoga is a powerful way to bring peace to your mind while stretching and toning your muscles. It’s also a great exercise to practice outdoors and can be done literally anywhere.

Our advice? Go somewhere that’s more natural than concrete. A stream or even a clearing will do nicely. Set up your yoga mat, lather on some sunscreen and bug spray, then get ready to be mindful. This sort of peace of mind is hard to come by in the city, or even within your own home.

Walking and Running Through Nature

Let’s not forget about going back to basics. Sometimes we don’t need fancy stretches or yoga positions to feel fulfilled. All we really need is fresh air and a nice path to stroll at a nature reserve or in the park. If you don’t have a park or nature reserve close by, simply walk around your neighborhood and take in the sights of your city.

Just because this sounds so simple doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Walk a little bit more every day for a week, then begin to run at regular intervals. Work up to running the entire length of your typical walking path. However, don’t forget — being outside means you can take in the sights that nature has to offer. You may be able to run fast, but are you absorbing the benefits of nature?

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of exercising outside. While inside exercise routines might offer you air conditioning and access to cold beverages, remember that sweating it outside is actually good for you — it gives you more Vitamin D that comes naturally from the sun. The outdoors have resources to offer you…take advantage of them!

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