To be productive is to be successful…but how can we truly be productive without the tools to make it happen? While some of us have gone down the path of self-activation, just as many (if not more) entrepreneurs aren’t quite there yet.

If you’re still utilizing productivity methods to keep on top of your to-do list and to get your work truly done, don’t sweat it. We all have different ways of getting through the day with our to-do list checked off. Here are four different productivity tools you can use to help make your life that much easier.


You can’t truly be productive without staying focused. Luckily there’s an extension that helps with that. StayFocused is an in-browser application that blocks problematic websites from keeping your attention away from work. With this app installed, Internet users can keep productive sites enabled while getting rid of time-suck sites like personal social media channels or YouTube.

One of the negatives associated with working online or at a computer is that temptation is always present. With StayFocused, entrepreneurs can create a sturdy blacklist of sites they know will keep them distracted so online work is streamlined and completed without procrastination.


If StayFocused is the minor leagues, OffTime is the bottom of the ninth inning during the last game of the World Series. With scheduling options and steadfast blacklisting abilities, OffTime isn’t just for the casual Internet user that gets distracted by cat videos, but instead is for the full-on scrolling zombie who would rather play than work 90% of the time.

In short, OffTime is the app of all apps when it comes to keeping you on task. The in-browser tool automatically unplugs Internet users from sites based on a specific timeframe. If it’s during working hours? No piano-playing Calicos for you.


Despite emailing being an incredible communication tool, your standard Gmail functions are a little archaic. That’s where an app like Boomerang comes in. This in-browser addon is perfect for entrepreneurs who have a lot of emails to send and receive, but who are also easily overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the work they have to do within their inbox.

Key Boomerang features include email scheduling, notifications, reminders and email hiding options that prevent you from obsessively rooting through your inbox when you need to focus on something else.

Todo Cloud

You probably already have one to-do list app or program on your phone, tablet, computer, etc…but do you have Todo Cloud?

Many checklist apps work with just one person, which also means just one to-do list. However, entrepreneurial tasks are often group projects — meaning your to-do list is dependent on the functionality of others. Todo Cloud enables single-person to-do lists, but it also allows for group, family, team and organization to-do lists that can be utilized by anyone shared to that specific project or list.

Feeling productive today? Now you have four new tools that can help you block out distractions, manage your life and keep everything organized. What will you end up accomplishing today?