Leadership is a crucial part of running a business, which is why you must do all that you can to master this aspect of entrepreneurship. Inspiration can come from many sources, and documentaries are among the best. Here are five documentary films that can work wonders for your leadership in various aspects of modern business.


#1. TED Talks: Life Hacks

The TED Talks: Life Hacks series includes 10 documentaries that can teach you everything from body language to positive psychology. While not exclusively focused on business, the tips are very useful for entrepreneurs.


#2. Make Me A Leader

The Make Me A Leader documentary was only launched in July 2018, but has already become one of the most important films for leaders in an array of business sectors. With a focus on developing the human qualities and analyzing your current capabilities, this is crucial watching.


#3. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

The 2011 documentary on one of the most iconic entrepreneurs of all time is an important film for all business owners. If having the confidence to do this his way was good enough for the Apple owner, it’s a tactic that’s certainly good enough for you.


#4. Freakonomics

Based on the bestseller by economist Steven Levitt uses case studies to help bring a variety of key leadership lessons to life. With humor making it an entertaining watch throughout, you’ll probably watch it more than once.


#5. Downloaded

Downloaded is a documentary that details the story of Napster and how the company was able to change the face of music in the digital age. From making the most of new tech to leveraging success from your team, the documentary covers it all.