5 Tips for Getting Wealthy One Day at a Time

Let’s face it – money makes the world go ‘round. You don’t need a million dollars to have a happy life, but you need some cash to make sure you can feed yourself, keep a roof over your head and get any other essentials you need to live a comfortable life. You won’t need to make tons of money to accomplish this, but let’s be honest: it’s nice to have a nest egg and be comfortable.

Having money and being wealthy doesn’t mean living in absolute opulence. It means being secure in your living situation and having enough to retire with when you get up there in age. It means being able to go to the hospital and being able to take care of your medical bills if you need to. Giving some money to your family after you’re gone so they can live well too.

The good news is that you don’t have to work yourself to the bone to make some money if you want to start squirreling it away. It doesn’t take already having 10,000 to invest it and turn it into a million. If you want to start getting wealthy one day at a time, all that it takes is being smart and savvy with where your money is going.

Daily Indulgences

Are you one of those people who thinks “this is only $1, so it’s okay to spend it?” Or “Five dollars every once in a while isn’t a big deal?” While these statements aren’t untrue, they may be what is keeping you from being as wealthy as you can be.

Tally up your daily silly expenses for a week. This can include your Starbucks bill or the mints you buy at the corner store once a week. Once you have a total, imagine investing this kind of money into a savings account every week for a year. If you spend $40 willy-nilly a week, this means you could save up over $2,000 a year just by avoiding daily indulgences.

Get a Better Budget

One reason you might be bleeding extra money is you aren’t budgeting properly. Your budget shouldn’t just be lump sum guestimates, like “I can spend $100 here and there.” Get some concrete numbers and set up a long term budget that can work for you for six months to a year.

Pay Off Debts Quickly

The interest you amass on things like credit cards and loans may be another reason you’re not as wealthy as you could be. If you have loans and debts with high interest rates or annual fees, all that extra money you’ve been saving can disappear in a flash. When you find yourself in debt, set up a system for paying it off and don’t put it off for long.

Stay Organized

Never lose your receipts. If you ever run into a financial discrepancy, you need proof and ammunition to fix the problem or resolve the issue. This can both help you prevent problems like identity theft or wrong transactions, but it can also give you a clearer picture of where your money goes. Start saving up your receipts and comb through them once a month. Where can you edit your finances to save up some more cash?

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