6 Ways to Stay Inspired When You’re On the Road

If you’ve ever traveled, you’ll know it can be a daunting, dreadful experience. You eventually become dulled by the experience – your first time driving to a far off destination or flying for the first time is an experience you get excited about, but after the exhaustion and stress of security and jetlag kicks in, the rose-colored glasses come off. This is why it’s easy to lose your inspirational edge when you’re out and about.

It’s also important to note not everyone has the capability to work on long projects at home or get in those long meditation hours. If you’re on the road quite often, don’t neglect being inspired – instead, mold your inspiration to your situation.

Learn to love audiobooks.

So you don’t have time to read. It’s definitely not recommended you read and drive, and it can also be hard to read on a plan full of distractions. In short, there are a lot of reasons you may not be able to read while you’re traveling.

Instead, find a great audio book to listen to while you’re on a plane or in your car. Using CDs, your iPod or cellphone, it’s easy to listen to a great read while you’re driving or pop in some headphones while you’re trying to rest and relax on your flight.

Stretch your legs.

Even if you’re on a plane, it’s possible to keep the blood flowing. For drivers, always remember to keep alert by stopping every thirty minutes to walk around your car and get some fresh air. For fliers, occasionally get up to walk back to the bathroom, and flight attendants don’t mind if you walk the aisle for a minute.

Moving around help keeps your mind sharp and your emotions up!

Talk to others.

No matter what the reason for your trip is, don’t forget to enjoy the actual idea of traveling. You’re going someplace unfamiliar, or even if it’s an old haunt? You’re going to meet some new people on the journey there. Talk to others on your flight, or chat up residents at local spots you pass while driving. This helps enrich your journey and gives you a better experience.


No matter what method of transport you chose, always remember to spend some of your down time looking inward. Inspiration comes from inside yourself, ultimately. Keep your body and spirit in mind and reflect on yourself and your life’s path for 10 minutes every day, traveling or not.

Pack well.

Don’t lose sight of home while you’re on the road, and bring something with you that reminds you of where you came from when you travel. Even if it’s a small knick knack, focusing on the object can keep you grounded and your mood high.

Take time to treat yourself.

When you’re traveling, you can sometimes get some tunnel vision – go, go, go and get the trip over with. You don’t leave time for some small indulgences. Try to make the most of your time and relax with something nice. Stop by a fancy restaurant once, or indulge yourself by bringing along your favorite brand of chocolate on the road. It’ll keep your mood light and give you a better atmosphere to relax.

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