ATW: Around The World with manyactive Founder Evalyn Oloo

We’re pleased to have had an opportunity to speak with Evalyn Oloo who is the creator and founder of manyactive app. Based in Kenya, Oloo took her passion for general health & wellness and transformed it into a product that can help change the lives of people in her community.

HYP: What inspired you to create manyactive app? 

As a learning disabilities care-giver in cambridge, I and my colleagues faced a lot of burnout which significantly lowered our productivity. I decided to explore how I could take care of my health despite the very chaotic schedule. That is how I stumbled into wellness and decided that this is something that was very much needed in Africa.

In 2016, I moved back to Kenya and founded tuliawellness to change the face of corporate wellness in Kenya. I soon started to explore ways of making wellness accessible to individuals like myself in such a way that it will provide convenience and variety and manyactive was born.

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HYP: How does the app work and where is it available? 

The app will be available in the app stores from end of July. The app is a platform where users can explore fitness, wellness and health services with open slots near them and book them through a membership plan allowing them access for 30 days, on the other hand providers receive last minute bookings for their open slots and manage their bookings and business on their phones.

HYP: Where you faced with any challenges in the development process? Yes, many.

HYP: How did you overcome them? Communication is key when working with tech people who speak a different language from you. They think more of functionality, but me as a product owner I think more of the design and flow.

HYP: What was your favorite part of creating the app? 

Developing a consumer app like manyactive app is an never ending project because even after launch development continues. It is a messy affair to be honest. The only favorite part is seeing your idea come to life and other people joining in to pursue a single mission.

HYP: How has entrepreneurship changed or shaped the way you create products and services?

I tend to think more of how we can add value to our partners who are our vendors and how we can add value to our users and improve their quality of life. 

What do you enjoy most about your entrepreneurial journey? Your journey changes other people’s lives too. The people who believe in you and join your mission, their stories will change forever because of the products and services you created.

HYP: Can you offer a few words of encouragement to aspiring app creators? Start. Just dare to start.

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HYP: Where can we download manyactive and get more information about your company online? The manyactive app will be on android store end of July and app store end of August.

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