Creative Wellness: What In The World Is It?

creativity is wellness

After reading the title, one of the first things your mind might ask is, “What exactly is creative wellness?” We also pondered this question and made it our business to put together this article of thoughts and ideas which explore what creative wellness might be. 

If your a person who is involved in entertainment and fine artists, you may already have an idea of creative wellness. Assuming that you create art regularly, whether that be music, paintings, drawings, writing, cooking, or even fashion, you’ve likely already benefited from the creative process. 

Creative Wellness Your creativity has allowed you the freedom to create art using your unique vision. It has given you the go-ahead to express yourself without the concern or approval of others. This ability to create, at will, is what ultimately has brought you peace, inner joy, and in some cases, fulfillment. Being able to let the creativity flow through you without restriction is creative wellness. 

Everyone has creative potential because everyone is creative. We’re creative by nature. And the best way to tap into your creativity is through your inspiration. What inspires you? Wherever you find inspiration, its power is not from a place of force but a place of flow. As just as water freely springs from a well so will your creativity. For the most part, creative wellness is a spiritual practice. Not everywhere is aware of their ability to harness the inner power of creative insight to better their lives. But it is indeed there and available for you to use freely. 

Measure Creative Wellness – Measuring your creative wellness is as simple as measuring your inner happiness, your inner peace. If you find yourself on the other side of happiness and peace, usually detected in the way we feel, then it’s easy to notice there’s a lack of creative wellness. Allowing yourself to get into a space of flow and pure inspiration is easy to do. All it takes is for you to disconnect from the present. Exercises like controlled breathing & mindfulness, meditation, going for a walk, or just taking yourself into an uplifting environment are great choices.

Overall, adopting a lifestyle that is fueled with ongoing creative pursuits will lift your mood and spirit. It’s human nature to create. Make it a point to empower yourself and those around you by your willingness to express yourself creatively; this is the foundation of your creative wellness. 

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