How Important Is Your Physical Health?

When was your last physical? For most of us, it’s a question that can’t be answered without a lengthy moment of silence and a change of facial expression that indicates our cluelessness. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. According to CNBC about 54 percent of adults have delayed getting care for themselves because of costs. And while finances may be the main contributing factor to a lack of physical personal maintenance, there may be other options such as attending free health clinics and the like that can provide general health screenings.

When you think about it, a general screening will at least provide you with basic healthcare details about your body and also pinpoint any underlying factors that may need immediate attention. Nevertheless, the important thing here is to be mindful of your physical health and to take it seriously, just as you would the health of a close relative or friend that you love and cherish. So, the question is “How Important Is your physical health?” Is it only important when you feel ill and already in the midst of battling a terrible cough or achy body? 

Your physical health is more than the way you feel physically, it also includes what’s going on with you mentally, too. The physical aspects of our mind typically manifest outward and are expressed through our physical bodies. And the great thing about all of this is that you have the ability to manage your physical health by not only making sure you keep a positive and stress-free mind but also by taking advantage of any preventative resources — hint, hint — free health clinics or regularly scheduled annual check-ups.

Our physical health should always be a priority because, with a healthy and able body, all the physical activities that you perform with your body comes to a halt. You’re not as productive and things will take longer to get done if they do at all. Let’s face it, when you feel good and you’re body is operating and moving about like it should you’re able to do more efficiently. When you’re running on less than what your body is capable of because you don’t feel well, you end up putting more undue pressure on the body making things worse and driving yourself deeper into an unhealthy state. So, the key point we’re driving home here is to take control of your physical health now, so you’re not in the doctor’s office complaining about an illness or ailment later.

In addition to general maintenance exams and check ups, taking advantage of exercise is another great way to stay on top of your physical health. At the very least, you’re conditioning mind and your body to maintain a state of stability. Exercise reduces stress and increase the production of all those feel-good receptors – ex: dopamine – in our brains. Also, a regular fitness regime contributes to and increases your overall well being. The bottom line is you should go the limit to take care of yourself physically and the main reasons should be because you want to feel your best, look your best and to be at your best as long as possible.

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