Using Willpower to Accomplish Your Goals

When it comes to getting things done some of us are unable to rely on our own drive or genuine interests to complete the task. And even though we may really want to get things done it takes more than the desire to get things moving in the right direction. That’s when your willpower comes into play. 

I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we had the intention to organize the office space, or send those emails or bathe the dog, or write an article but we only thought to do those things. There was no action to support the thought of accomplishing the goal. And without the action things don’t get done which inevitably put you back at square one with only a longer to-do list and no progress whatsoever. So, when you become aware that you’ve been cycling through this habit of inactivity and nonprogression there’s only one thing left to do and that’s to draw upon your own willpower to get things moving in the right direction.

Willpower is the secret serum for accomplishing your goals when you ordinarily don’t have the inner drive to do so. Willpower is not to be confused with force. With willpower you’ll certainly control and monitor your actions by being attentive and mindful but you’re not forced to draw upon abilities that you wouldn’t naturally possess. Willpower is the main contributing factor for getting things done because it lays the foundation of progress which will eventually encourage a pattern of habit within you. Those who have relied on willpower often talk about inner strength and relying on their own determination to succeed. Much of this is discipline – it takes a disciplined and determined mind to focus and take the actions needed to make progress.

When it comes to accomplishing your goals, the progress you make or don’t make will depend on the amount of action you’ve put behind your efforts. Write your goals down then jot down a few things you’ll likely need to do to accomplish them. Even if you end up with a laundry list of action items that need to be completed before you even get close to reaching the goal putting together small steps will help you get there. You don’t need to do everything at once, you just need to do something on a consistent basis that will help you reach your goal — whatever it may be. 

During the times when you don’t feel like taking action, or you feel overwhelmed and not sure which direction to go, don’t force the action. Put everything aside and come back to it an hour later or the next day if you have to but don’t force yourself into action. The best way to act is by drawing upon your willpower to get things done and that starts with knowing what steps you need to take and then commit yourself to doing them.

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