How to Use Meditation to Get What you Want


Many swear by the idea of mediation and clearing your mind of self-doubting, limiting, and destructive thoughts. But, not everyone understands how cultivating a practice of meditation contributes to their daily life and general well being. Meditation is unique to the person who is meditating and should not be considered a one size fit all approach. 

Meditation is a Mental Resource
Implementing a meditation practice into your life is the first step to a better mental game. Meditation will help rid your mind of the excess noise and reduce the unnecessary distractions. Once you’ve removed all the garbage and self-defeating thoughts from your mind, you will have a cleared path towards actually achieving what you want. 

The Power of Our Thoughts
We often underestimate the power of our own thoughts. We either forget or don’t fully understand how our thoughts hold a significant amount of power. Our thoughts control how we function and operate throughout our lives. It’s important to make sure your mental clarity is in check so you can be your best in all that you do. We put together a few ideas on how to use meditation to get the things you want and to create the life you desire. 

  • Staying Grounded
    When it comes to staying grounded one of the first things you need to be aware of is knowing what your distractions are. Once you know what keeps you from staying focused, you can put together a plan of action to stay on track. Meditation is a great way to center your mind back to any tasks or goals you have in front of you.

    Taking 5-10 minutes in the morning or even in short intervals when time permits throughout the day will show major improvements in your productivity. The peacefulness of meditation gives you time to reset, refocus, and ground yourself so you can center your mind on what’s important. 

  • Increase Mental Capacity
    Sticking to a regular meditation routine will free your mind up from all self-defeating talk that’s been on repeat for who knows how long. Taking quality time for yourself through meditation not only allows you to reset but it also helps to clean up any negative thoughts lurking about.

    Think about it. If you dedicate a few minutes throughout the day to be alone with your eyes closed or open, if you’re doing a walking meditation, that’s a grand opportunity to feed your mind with positive self-talk. Meditation allows you to catch thoughts that aren’t constructive. But, in order to catch the beast of negativity and trade him for constructive thought, you have to silence your mind first. Accomplish that and then you can begin fueling your mind with all kinds of wonderful affirmations and positivity. 

  • Expand your Horizon
    Have you ever wanted to pursue a different career path or just try something new but wavered out of fear? Well, just about all of us have. Unfamiliar territory is never as easy as it looks when you’re on the outside looking in. It’s only through taking that step of faith and pursuing a different path we find it’s not as bad as our minds have made it seem. Our minds do that to us. It plays tricks and makes us overthink, assume, overestimate, and come to conclusions that aren’t necessarily accurate.

    Yes, fears can exist but most of the time we can overcome them through action. The mental clarity that comes from meditation will eventually override the fear and inspire you to act. Using mediation as a tool to prime your mental attitude to be one of courage and faith can help you achieve things you thought you never could.

Creating a meditation practice that works best for you is what matters most. Whether it’s doing a group meditation, in silence sitting alone, or walking through the park on a sunny day — you create your own scene. There is no right or wrong. The main goal is to clean out your mental space so you can store the constructive, positive and self-assuring thoughts that will help you reach your goals.

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