Fitness Tips For Women Entrepreneurs

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Sticking to a workout regime can be difficult; Especially when you have a crazy work schedule, other pressing obligations, or even just a lack of motivation to get to the gym. In addition to that, maintaining the momentum to stick to a solid routine often dwindle to nothing if you have yet to make working out a habit.

Women entrepreneurs sometimes face additional challenges when it comes to making sure their new fitness goals are achieved and not simple wishes left unfulfilled. 

Being an entrepreneur takes time and patience. The calling isn’t for everyone. But, for those women who find themselves at the helm of an entrepreneurial endeavor keeping your mental and physical fitness in check will be of utmost importance. Our mental health is only as good as our physical health, both play a significant role in our wellbeing.

Here are 3 simple fitness tips for women entrepreneurs who often find themselves on the go with not alot of time to spare.

3 Fitness Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

  • Start small. Your workout doesn’t need to be an hour or more. Dedicate 15-30 minutes one or twice each week to working out. There are countless short workout routines available on YouTube from experienced trainers and instructors who can put you through an effective workout in a matter of minutes. Start with 15 minutes and build your time and workout days as you wish. 
  • Choose exercises that do not require equipment. There are a limitedless number of exercises that do not require dumbbells, weight benches or fancy fitness machines to tone your thighs. There are many body weight exercises such as the plank which can strenghten your core or squats which are great for building strength and toning glutes, quads, hamstrings, etc. These are just two example of exercises you can incorporate into your workout. 
  • Put together a support group consisting of women who face similar challenges and want to carve out time for staying in shape. Having a buddy system handy can help you develop a solid gym day schedule and commitment to working out. Supportive communities such as these reinforce comradery and teamwork. 

Keep a fitness routine doesn’t require much effort. Once you commit to including physical activities that keep your body healthy, strong, and energized it will become easier to include workouts into your schedule – no matter how busy you think you are. These 3 tips are a great way to get started in the gym, or at home – today!

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