How Journaling Can Lead To Huge Self-Discovery


As the pandemic took its toll on the world in March, everyone was ordered indoors or risk becoming ill. With the Coronavirus spreading much like wildfire, we weren’t allowed the freedom to do the things they typically enjoy like dining out, visiting with friends at a local social gathering, or even taking a flight to visit family. The pandemic forced us to stay put with no alternatives but to entertain ourselves within the comforts of our own homes.

During that time, many of us took advantage of the covid imposed downtime and started using the “break” to reflect on their lives and enjoy the time with family. One of the most popular and most effective tools within the self-discovery category is journaling. Journaling is a form of meditation and healing. 

As we witnessed the world change, literally overnight for a majority of us, our mental health and self-reflection became extremely important. We begin to value ourselves and our families more than ever before. These acts of appreciation and gratefulness showed us that there was more to the everyday hustle and bustle of ordinary life. 

Discovering Yourself Through Journaling 

Through journaling, especially during a time when personal reflection is at its all-time high, you find and discover identities and parts of yourself that have been pushed down and unrecognized over the years. Journaling opens the mental gateway to a brighter path forward. There are many ways this simple activity of putting a pen to the pad can help you reclaim the best parts of yourself. 

Journaling Leads to Huge Self-Discoveries – Writing down your thoughts and ideas will often highlight purposeful and recurring themes in your life. These themes can be significant.

For instance, if you find yourself journaling about how you dislike your job, analyzing your writing and personal reflection can bring you to exploring new career options. The action of writing down the things that pop up is an exercise that causes your mind to find solutions and answers; the process is consciously and subconsciously. Journaling can help identify potential career fields and reveal skillsets that align with your interest.

Take Up Journaling

Journaling is a simple and easy way to uncover potential and empowerment. It’s an exercise that doesn’t require fancy tools or training. You just pick up your favorite pen and start writing. Who knows what you’ll uncover as thoughts and ideas begin to flow. Keep journaling fun and simple. And, most importantly, be ready to uncover the hidden forces from within. 

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