4 Ideas for Finding & Maintaining Inner Balance

inner balance

Do you ever find yourself in a mental rut wanting to break away from all the noise? Most of us do. From the minute we roll out of the bed we are bombarded with the demands and responsibilities of the day. Whether you’re a parent making sure your kids are up and off to school, an employee responsible for leading the morning’s team meeting, or an entrepreneur bootstrapping a new venture, the demands of the day await. 

These daily responsibilities and routines can leave us feeling drained, anxious, and unsatisfied. The key to breaking up the monotony is to work on finding ways to balance yourself from the inside out. Today, we’re sharing four ideas for finding an inner balance so that we don’t get swallowed up in the fast-paced schedule of life day. 

4 Ideas for Inner Balance – These tips will help you to create an inner environment fueled with peacefulness and positive energy. You can easily incorporate any of the following exercises into your daily routine.

1. Close your Eyes & Breathe. Sometimes all we need is a moment of silence to breathe deeply and purposefully. This exercise can be done at your desk, during a lunch break, or even before you get out of your car before heading off to work. Simply close your eyes, take a long inhale and hold your breathe for 3-4 seconds then slowly exhale. These steps can be repeated until you feel a sense of calm. 

2. 5-Minute Mediation. Similar to the previous exercise, using meditation for inner maintaining balance has been a longstanding tradition in Eastern cultures. Whether your a beginner or an experienced meditator, finding 5 minutes or more throughout the day to meditate can change the entire dynamic of your day. Meditation cuts all the mental clutter because as we mentally and purposefully withdraw from the environment, we give our minds an opportunity to be silent.

3. Take a Brisk Walk. Getting away from it all by connecting with nature is a surefire way to ramp up that inner peace. Taking a walk without a destination on your radar allows your mind to free itself from the confines of daily routine. Furthermore, freely walking about lets you to tap into your imagination. Walking is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.

4. Look in the Mirror & Smile. Don’t forget how beautiful you are. When you find yourself mentally challenged with too many things to do, excuse yourself to the bathroom, or if you have a pocket mirror that’ll do. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself until you’re satisfied. It may sound silly but it works wonders. Smiling helps us to release cortisol and endorphins that put us in a better mood and also reduces blood pressure.

Maintaining a Peaceful Inner Balance is Key

By purposefully taking time to mentally reset from the inside out we create positive momentum that can ward of any tension or resistance. Maintaining a peaceful inner balance is a fundamental part of living a life of enjoyment, purpose, and peace. 

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