Little Known Ways to Become a Better You

Who wouldn’t want to become a better person? Most likely no one. People typically strive to make the most of themselves and also to create better lifestyles. Becoming a better you starts with the desire to make something more of yourself, to achieve goals, to make your dreams a reality. But how are you going to make yourself better at becoming the person you aim to be? In what ways can we become better?

Here is a shortlist of the little known ways to guide you to become a better version of yourself.

  1. Set your Goals

It is always best to make a plan for the life you want to experience. Doing so will help you achieve better results. In planning, you must set your goals first and these goals will serve as your guide throughout the way. Without setting goals focusing on the end result could become challenging and keep you from reaching your destination.

  1. Know Yourself

You must know yourself more than anyone else. So, you must know what are the things that you want to change within yourself to become a better person. Because in the process of becoming your better version, the only person who can help you is yourself.

  1. Get Rid of Hate & Anger

Keeping hate and anger will not help you to become better. It will just become a larger burden than it already is if you’re not willing to let go. It may not be easy to forgive someone who caused you harm and pain but practicing forgiveness is the true path to inner happiness and peace.

  1. Embrace Changes

Change is inescapable, so instead of hating it, you must embrace it completely. To become a better person, change is a must. You can’t be a better person with the same mentality and attitudes from last year, last month or last week. Check-in with yourself and decide which changes may be worth making so you can fully be the person you want to be. Making steady improvements are a must.

  1. Be Honest

Honesty will always set you free so resist any urges to sugar-coat the truth. Just lay it out like it is with yourself, and also others. That simple.

  1. Be an Exemplar

You must be a good example to others. Inspiring and encouraging others is a great way to bring out the most positive attributes of individual character. But being an exemplar doesn’t mean that you have to go above and beyond the call of duty. Work on being a kind person in words and actions. Again, be true to yourself.

  1. Learn Something New

You should always be willing to try and to learn new things in life. Taking risk is a natural part of life and you shouldn’t be intimidated with taking action. Meditate on this awesome quote from Zig Ziglar about learning, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” 

  1. Care to Listen

If someone has something to say, care to listen. Listen to them not just because they need an appropriate response, but because they also may need someone to understand their point of view. A person that knows how to listen also knows how to respect. 

  1. Turn Negative to Positive

Being a pessimist will not help you to become a better person. You should always work to turn negative situations into positive ones. Expect your life to be good, great even. If you’re always scared to act and have adopted a negative mindset, you will definitely attract negative results. These negative circumstances will hinder your personal growth and improvement.

  1.  Be Humane

Being a better person means that you also need to be a better human being to other people and to the world. But don’t just be a human, be humane. You must show and extend your care, kindness, and compassion to people, to animals, and to nature.

As a whole, becoming a better version of yourself is not an easy journey and the road may be bumpy. Just work on moving forward no matter what happens and embrace all the good changes for your betterment.

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