Living with Intention: 4 Reasons Why Setting Clear Intentions Can Change Your Life

Can you think of a time when you forgot to make your grocery list but decided to go into the grocery store anyway? And during your visit instead of knowing exactly what you wanted and grabbing those items from the shelves you wandered the aisles hoping to remember everything you needed to buy? Most of us have.

Even though you may have done a decent job at getting a majority of what you needed once you make it home you soon figure out you’ve forgotten the milk, the trash bags, and the baby wipes. While you did your best to wing it without the grocery list your attempt still left you shorthanded. You end up going right back to the store. But this time, you make the list, you know exactly what you want and expect the store to have it. You head back confident and assured that you’ll grab everything you need. This time there is no guesswork. This time, you know what you need and what you want – it’s on your list.

In a similar way, when we set intentions for what we want to experience at any given moment in our lives, it takes the guesswork out of how an event or circumstance will play out. It’s easy to navigate different situations when you‘ve already made the decision to stick to the script. There is no guesswork. Here are 4 reasons why setting clear intentions can help you fine-tune your life. Setting clear intentions and visions provide the foundation for achieving the outcome you desire in any circumstance or experience.

1. Less likely to do things without purpose.
When you set intentions you gain clarity and you’re not just pulling anything and everything into your life experience. You’re selective and you’re clear about what you want. When you have this type of clarity you can go from one goal to the next without being derailed or sidetracked.

2.   Less likely to waste your time.
Another great benefit of noting your intentions is that you’re less likely to get off course. When you’ve taken the time to outline your areas of focus you can easily remind yourself where you need to place your attention. By cultivating this habit of intention setting you can cut out all the time-wasting tasks, people and events that keep you stuck.

3. Build motivation and confidence

As you start setting specific intentions and use them to guide you throughout the day you’re sure to be motivated and more confident. Setting intentions helps you build your own pathway to being someone who is purposefully and determined. Think about it. For example, if you were to make the following intention “It is my intent to be confident and courageous” and declare it throughout the day, you could easily start to build the motivation and confidence you need. This works wonders and it’s a much better option than doing nothing to build your confidence at all. Make intentions to build yourself up and speak them to yourself daily.

4. Reach goals quicker

Lastly, when you layout your intentions you’re essentially giving yourself a roadmap to get from A to B. If you have specific goals you want to accomplish, make it a habit of setting 2 to 3 intentions that will remind you what steps you need to take to get there. These reminders will nudge you each time you remember or look at your intentions (if you’ve written them down) to take action. Each action will bring about progress getting you closer to achieving your goals.

The power of intentions can make the world of difference if we choose to set them before we start the day. Intentions can help you to stay focused, grounded and on track even if your schedule is overflowing with things to do. Adopting an intention setting practice will guide you closer to doing things that are more important and purposeful than things that continually distract and get you off course.

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