New Indie Film Series Addresses Childhood Trauma

Dallas area filmmakers Kimlynn and Tamika Archie, co-founders of NuVysion Media Group visit with us in an interview to discuss their debut film series “Behind Closed Doors.”

Premiering in Dallas on November 15th, the series weaves together the stories of 4 characters struggling with real-life scenarios involving the domestic & sexual abuse, mental illness, and drug addiction each of them witnessed and experienced as children.

Through the eyes of its characters, the first season explores the reality of those suffering in silence long after the trauma is done. “Behind Closed Doors” creates a dialogue that serves as a soundboard for the silent victims of abuse struggling to be heard.

1.   “Behind Closed Doors” covers difficult topics and subject areas – was writing the script difficult?

The most difficult part of writing this script was the collaboration.  When there are different visions on how to present the content to the viewer, it can be a task but rewarding at the same time because you get to see two different ideas evolve into one awesome masterpiece.

2. Why was it important for you to shoot a film that touches on abuse, violence, and addiction?

We wanted to tell a story that hasn’t really been told.  They are always more than one victim in these types of situations. The main ones being the children.  No one ever shows how these children act in their adult lives, as the result of being traumatized from these situations.

 3. Tells us about the upcoming season of “Behind Closed Doors” – what can the audience expect?

Tamika-This season the audience will see how some of the traumatic experiences have molded the characters into what they despised the most and they will see some come face to face with their childhood fears.

Kimlynn- The audience to expect suspense, drama, LAUGHTER AND EMPATHY.  They will hate some of the characters and feel love for others.  My hope is that the viewers can relate to someone in the series.

4. What kinds of films do you watch and what’s your favorite film?

Kimlynn- I like horror, comedic drama, and action films.  I have too many favorites to pick just one….LOL

Tamika- I personally like all types of films, but my personal favorite is ENOUGH with Jennifer Lopez.  This movie showed women how to gain her life back after a traumatic experience and gave a sense of empowerment.

5. Where do you draw your inspiration when it comes to writing scripts?

Tamika-My inspiration came from my own personal triumph.  I experienced in my childhood child molestation and domestic violence.  Looking back at my childhood and seeing all I have accomplished as an adult and not allowing my past to dictate my future gave me an opportunity to share through writing.

Kimlynn- Real life experiences whether it be ours or others around us.  If you stop and think about it, life is a movie.  We all have a story.  Writing a script is what takes it from life to entertainment.

6.  How have streaming platforms changed the game for independent filmmakers? Do you think audiences are more receptive to indie content that’s not influenced by a major studio or production house?

Streaming platforms have allowed more independent filmmakers like us to get their work out to a broader audience without all of the overhead cost.  I believe audiences are more receptive to indie content that relates to the average household with real life events.

7. What’s next for NuVysion Media Group?

NuVysion is already signed up to film a music video for a local artist but our goal is to take a short break then start with writing Season 2.

8. Words of advice to new and emerging filmmakers?

Do not allow your fears to get in the way of your dreams.  Sometimes outside life will try to slow you down or the lack of support but keep pushing through, the final outcome will be so fulfilling and will pay off in the end.

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