Mental Health Advocacy: 5 Podcasts you Need to Hear Today


Everybody has mental health as well as physical health needs that must be maintained. Mental wellness means that your mind is in the right status and functioning in your best interest. You are able to act, think, and feel in ways that create a positive impact on your physical and social well-being in order for you to cope with the everyday demands of life.

That’s why mental health awareness intends to bring down the walls of stigma by sharing our struggles, experiences, stories, and truths. It implies educating others on the importance of mental health and helping those suffering from mental illness know that they are not alone.

Everybody knows how disappointing it can be when people aren’t listening to us, or worse, not even interested in what we are saying. Sadly, having a mental health problem can sometimes indicate that it’s not easy to have your ideas and opinions taken seriously by others.

Getting support from another person to help you express your viewpoints and preferences, and help you stand up and fight with your mental health problem is the main goal of mental health advocacies. To subscribe to some of the many podcasts in mental health is a great way to help you start! 

There’s a tremendous variety of mental health podcasts. There are digital broadcasts in which visitors share their own accounts. Others have visitor specialists sharing the natural and physiological aspects of mental illnesses. Many offer recommendations on living with mental illness or supporting a companion or adored one.

Today, let me share with you the list of 5 podcasts that you need to hear.

  1. Depression Talks Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Immanuel, a YouTube creator and a certified life coach, who shares his own thoughts and experiences about mental health and how to manage it positively. Here in  Depression Talks Podcast, Immanuel freely talks about depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and even on how he overcomes his own suicide attempt. Immanuel’s messages inspired people that have helped them to change their lives.

  1. The Anxiety Shut-In Hour

After such a long time of being out of production, The Anxiety Shut-In Hour posted their recent episode. Erin and Anna will surely make you listen to how they talk about their encounters with mental health and anxiety in a very light mood. Fun and light conversation that will inspire you to win against anxiety.

  1. The Embody Podcast

Here in The Embody Podcast by Candice Wu, there are interviews, meditations, and thoughtful episodes about embodiment, yoga, and healing. It’s about loving support to promote your own healing process. 

  1. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Its host Gregg Clunis, in his recent episode, talks about mental and emotional health where meditation and mindfulness matter. Also, Tiny Leaps, Big Changes encourages everyone to switch on a healthier lifestyle. 

  1. Mentally Yours

Topics that are recently discussed on Mentally Yours are all about the impact of the pandemic on our mental health.

The hosts, Ellen Scott and Yvette Castermake, share their routines and experiences during this difficult time and on how they manage their mental health against the prevailing lockdown. 

In conclusion

Anyone can be a voice for those people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other mental health problem. It is just a matter of sending a strong message and support. To that, always keep in mind that no matter what you’re going through, you are not alone. 

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